i dunno what to title this as.

i definitely gained cheeks. today aku dropped by t0wn in a selekeh outfit. geez.
i was from w0rk. whatchu expect. -____- but OMG.
boss gave me n yasmin new clothes!
well no, 2nd hand anyways.. they’re her daughter’s unwanted clothes.
and i am very happy.

i got what i’ve always wanted.


n0t many pix today.
not many that i look good in anyway.
i need a makeover.

i am so in a bad mood.

p/s: why wont u respond? siala. clear giler siak signal aku kasi. bofodohfoh. giveup ar. cb ar asfa. u failed, and why? just accept the facts, right? but i will continue hoping. i will always hope. cant u see it?! geez. this is making me mad for the first time. its making me soo fed up that my make up is melting. -and then u just disappeared, siala.- i am too ego. )): what shud i do.. what what what ohh what. havent i stooped low enough? its ur turn. what u said, i will remember. so what happened?

pp/s: thanks ella, jerry for the comforts. you girls are great. love ya’ll so much! today we keep comforting each other via msn. every problems to be brought up and discussed. and i, for the first time, have told people my deep feelings in which the people concerning it have no idea about despite the strong vibrations emitted from me. WHY EH? its too amazing to even talk about. SHitz man. makes me wonder how this whole thing works. GEEEZ!

hope. i has it.

ella noes the horny bastard who lives next to my block.
i got chance to burn his house.
but i wont. cos then i’ll be emitting negative energies.
i don wan. i wanna be one full-of-faith bitch.
all heart players should die in agony. they really should.
i mean, generally ar.
ahh~ there goes the negative energy. stop it asfa.


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