i sincerely dunno what stephy c0mmented me about
"ehem ehem"

what ehem2 is she talking about????
do i have any ehem2?
she crazy.
or maybe its a different ehem2.

will wait for her to reply then.

and justnow morning,
when i came into the office..
both the colleagues asked me..

"so asfa!whats ur plans tonight? go clubbing right? which one u going to eyy!"
me – huh?? clubbing??? me? NOLAAA. i never go laa..
"haha! oh u n0t going today one arr.. usually which one u go to? can go st james.."
me – i dont club… hahaha… *grimace*
"HUH? SO GOOD GIRL ONE ARR? u sure anot!"
me – haha! sure laa.. (okay THANKS EH FOR DOUBTING ME.)
"really arr! like unbelievable leyy! u lo0k like u always club oneee.."
me – HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA *laughs hysterically*

i w0re something simple today.
alil bit granny actually, in my opinion.
i came in with just powder. & nothing else  ((no eyeliner.))
and with a swollen face (err. its a morning kinda thing and also really puffed eyes)
and still they can say i lo0k like i go clubbing?? (more like i go weeping over at people’s funerals lor, judging my puffed eyes)

i am really stoned.
i am insulted infact.

okay whatever.

then time going h0me,
i took bus.
and people kept glancing at my shirt.. (yes, and i, thought they were perverting)

but then i lo0k down and saw a tissue sticking out of my tee.
i think i remember stuffing it there c0s there were no dustbins.
yes. i know. i am so glamorous.
i hate litterbugs, see? so i dont litter.
i.. uhh~ safekeep rubbish in my err.. bra? GOODGAWD. why am i even telling u this!
its 0kay. shut up.

dont tell people.

so now people are gonna think i stuff tissue in my bra to create boobs?
EXCUSE ME. mine are real hor.

and i just noticed that i have a lopsided smile.

because i was with friend in toilet.
u noe. doing girls stuff — err. gossipping, j0king, touch up. the likes..
then she said something funny and i laughed.. and happened to swivel to the mirror..
and caught my laughing face…
and yeah. my mouth tends to lift up higher on the left.
okay thanks.

and today,
the lovely boss treated us dinner.
(ahh. just mee siam and mee soto kinda things).

i am sick of doing office w0rk.
there are no windows.
i hate places with no windows.

but i kinda like what im doing tho.

i hate laptops.
i need mouse.
tomorrow imma bring the h0mecomputer mouse to w0rk.
i dont care. i need it.

and tomorrow i think will be meeting up my friends!
very exciting.

10am-6.30pm. 0kay lah tuu kan for a saturday.

tmr im at the spa.
i love the spa. there are windows.


2 thoughts on “stories.

  1. asfa! asal sak kau sental tissue paper kat bra kau. so tak senonoh la.. at least can put in your bag first ke.. hahaha.. and the pic at the end was kinda nice! muffins lah. hahaaa.

    1. HAHAHA! i didnt do it on purpose!aku tak suke sak litterrrr.. so no other choice mann.. my bag was full.. theyre not muffins lah kenfentalfal. theyre cupcakes! pretty rite! aku tawwwuu! gdluck for ur job! hahahahaahha!

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