a thing or two.

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email me if you’re interested please. (theunplugged-@hotmail.com) with subject title as: Body N Mind Spa.

okay, well. let me explain.
you see, im an intern there.
i need hands-on training.

so here it is.
a $28 full facial (for all skin types) just for you.
if you go to normal spas, their prices are usually $180 onwards.

it’s not everyday you get this chance.
but here’s the catch,
while im your therapist though,
my mentor will be there to watch me perform the facial.
BUT, all you have to do is just relax and sleep. just close your eyes.

currently am needing 10 people (or more, max is 30 clients)
book appointments for next week or the week after, it doesnt matter.

so here’s how it works.
you contact me,
i get back to you,
you, my dear client, will pay the $28 first so i can pass to my boss.
and also you tell me when you’re free so you can book an appointment.

easy isn’t it?

if you’re one of my friend(s), a relative, family member, passerby, whoever you are,
(you can even ask your mothers too or grandmas ((: im not picky. but female though, okay?)
if you’re interested, please email me or call if you have my number ok? okay i love you too. =D

so in advance,
i’d like to thank you so much for helping.
(don’t worry! im trained! i just need to practice. LOL.)

Today’s update:

dear ladies and germs!
so a classmate of mine,
Yasmin, has joined me too as an intern!
it’s nice having someone i know to talk to.
and she’s nice too.
so im pretty happy with how things are going.

and today i was yasmin’s model,
they tried the 24k golden spoon machine on me..
and damn. that thing sure does its work.

that thing’s mostly for firming really.
but it really improves blood circulation so thats what made the difference i suppose.

okay i sound like a salesperson.

shut up.
i dropped in to design that stupid voucher thingy.
damn kental i know.
but so last minute. so… err. yeah. and this desktop doesnt have any microsoft word, powerpoint, etc.
*glares at strange tea* (i think i know why. dayyymn.)

and also to introduce the promo here (i officially sound like a salesperson).
so yeahs.
if not i wouldnt be here.

my first day at the spa today was pretty slack, but enjoyable enough.
i like it alot.

tomorrow stationed at the office though (bugis).
but towards end of the day will go to the spa again,
for another round of being yasmin’s model.



well, the happymeals. the jerry, the ella, the kyn, the classmates, the new friends and the kind msn ppl.. you get the drift anyway.

ok bye.
gotta sleep.

p/s: i soooooooooo lack of rest and am lethargic dammitz.
pp/s: the spa uniform damn adorable can???? geezz. i so am enjoying myself so far.


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