somebody spelled "upset" as "upsad"

please help to calm me down, somebody.

i dunno whether should i cry or laugh or just stone myself.

i want to repaint my bicycle.
so im gonna google some things out.

i’ve decided on white/gold. or brown/gold.
i thought of green. but.. theres this super annoying bastard of a boy who lives nearby and owns a green bike.
so no no no and no. never am i gonna paint it green no matter how much i like the vision of it.
well this is a thought of what i wish to have done laa..

or i could let my bike rust, turn to dust and die on its own. -___-
i wouldn’t do that ofcourse *flicks hair*~. i would cry. but then joy will come because then, i can have another new pretty bike.

okay asfa shuddup.

im not gonna be on long.
i got things to do!! woohoo!

and i am still aching.
i succccccckkkkkkkk…. (:

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