boring thursday


i am so sick of blogs which arent straight forward in their navigation!
what i mean is.. how the fuck am i suppose to get to see your posts??
by clicking that picture there or..
hovering over some stupid link HIDDEN someWHERE..

damn irritating!


and i know i can just close the window and move on with my life,
but the problem with me is,
i am very stubborn.. and want what i want. -____-
and that gets me frustrated because i didnt get what i want — to read the stupid goddamn blog.

I think little miss flo is coming soon,
because i can feel the cramp, the PMS, the anti-socialism and being extra-mean and snappy/moody/wet blanket.

just when i thought i was gonna be happy.
this suckkkkksssss.

next friday ella and jerry said they gonna have a picnic.
i know i just recovered from bad sun burns,
but i do so love picnics. ^^
so i wouldn’t even think about missing out on this one.

so thats one thing for me to look forward too.

tomorrow afternoon going vivo’s Page One bookstore.
they having saleeeeee… ^^ whee!~
not that im gonna buy, but im sure just by looking will make me frustrated yet cheerful.
so uhuhs. thats all.

p/s: i swear i am the most boring person to chat with today. -_____- even more boring than the usual self i mean. gaaaahhhh PMSPMSPMSuuuccckkksss.. in sucha bad mood…


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