i am two-faced & so are u, so lets play this game.


see la.
those 3 girls.

dunno how to update their blogs. jerry nvr update abt her bday.
THANKS eh jerr.
aku adelah mengharap.

okay aku seriously considering creating a myspace, bcos fs kan mcm siolonz yg tak ingat dunia..
how arr. -__________-
bcos f’s mcm this one big family of knnccb gitu.
*starts verbal abusing Fs*

i wanna rebond *whines*
cos i look much2 friendlier with fringe. *sniffs sadly*
im starting *cough loudly* attachment on the 5th.

damn fucking nervous lah can.
its at bugis there..
Fortune Centre or something..

thanks for considering me at all. *beams happily*

i dislike the rich and shameless wholeheartedly.
if ever i g0t to be rich, i dont wanna be self centered, shameless, stupid & inconsiderate.

im gonna post up pix now.

these are of jerry’s bday:

ni pompan slalu SYIOK SENDIRIK.

we went to marina barrage..

ella step sexy.

just across. lols. you know, i wonder what it feels to ride this super slow thing. =/

gift-presenting ceremony, from ella to jerry. =D LOLS.

the cake — part of the gift from ella… =D

what jerry got..

happy benar ella!

the vainpot. x)

those are kyn’s shades. i dun own anything like dat.

say hello to my boyfriend.. *beams happily*

look at ella at the background! so cute. lols. budak nie tak cute eh? HAHAHA aku kiddinG!
obviously~ siape percaye aku biadap anak kambeng. =P

below: afew tries of our failed jumpshots. (i laughed so hard while viewing these pichurs, they’re just so funny and spastic)

this one the funniest siaa in my opinion wtfwtf. damn tak senonokz.

next below: ella’s turn! x)


okay ini scary siolz.

tangan takmo stress k ella. maintain.

talking animatedly.

<3these two. hahaha~

jerry: "asfa tetek power" HAHAHA. wth. yang kau pandang tempat situ selain daripada muke aku tu kenaper. LAWL! but funnyyyyyyy…

hahahahah they looking at me while im tawking kan!! woohoo!

ini budak prangai matrep. hahahaha nola jk. x))) this is dino castello chang. i call him dino, he insists us to call him castello.
i cant bring myself to. LOOOOLLL.


aku kan selalu camera-ready. hahahahah… =P

big sister "sasha grey" jerry and mehh. hahahahahaha..

and then yesterday’s pictures:

im just trying out some new styles of smiling. this looks like kinabo’s smile y’know. she always’ repeat: ALWAYS smiles like this. so i just thot i’d try it out. and this is the resullt. I CAN ASSURE U IM NOT GONNA SMILE LIKE THIS ANYTIME SOON. ^^
just thought u should noe.. *flicks hair*

our attempt at the sasha grey expression again… hmms~
i know we are so obsessed, right?? gawd.

WAHLAOWEI. MUKE STIM siolozz. i happened to snap when kyn was blowing off. TSK.

we went off at around 11pm. hmms.

below: pix from kyn’s cam cos my battery fainted.

i think i look very nice, innocent and caring hor in this picture? *beams happily*

i like this one too. but background spoil, cos i so am not a chanel type of person. for now. OKAY. shuddup. no link sia asfa..

HAHAAH satu budak emo kat satu kornar.

this is my favouriteee. i know.. i know, i am so lesbian, cos i was leaning over both kyn and jerry all over the place while we were there.. nak step manja.. hahah~ kurang kasih sayang katekan.. LOOOLLL.

i look so nice, innocent and caring here too right!! hahahaha.

i dont like friends who like to suck up to people who they think are "cool".
personally, bitch, you are even more FAKE than me.
atleast i don’t fake intentions and friendship.
i am better off without you, really.

ur such a poison, just looking at you can make me go cross-eyed and bleeding tears.

i sincerely wished you knew this.
but you know, i’m just too kind hearted.
i dunno why you even wanna be friends with me. (thanks for the attention, but i DO NOT NEED IT from people like u, thanks)
cos really, aku kan siaper? LOLS.
takde status nye orang.. so it’s abit puzzling.

i am very sick of you.
and you know, im very sorry i ever agreed being your "friend". *beams happily*
because you see, no matter how "cool" you think you are,
being around "cool" friends and all, i just don’t see whats so cool about not showing your true colors to your friends.

and you know,
your jokes are FUCKING LAME.
and i always wonder why do i even bother snorting half heartedly.
i should just be stony-faced and go "o-kaaaaay.."
but i don’t cos im a nice person like dat.
ever heard the phrase "layankan je.."??
im sure u have, right? yeah well, that is specially made for you in my book.

you see, because I, unlike you, can see what you really are (dunno why u even show ur true colors to me, ur a horrid person, really, not down to earth at all. very very shallow, B.O.R.I.N.G, myb thats why those things keep happening to u? lol, open up loser.)
think about this,
you are usually not happy when i know somebody you know whom you think is cool.
you’ll be like "HUH? u know her??" and then you’ll be all snorty and disbelieving.
you get jealous easily. god knows why.

i really don’t get it.

i don’t have many friends, the little number i have, are those whom i treasure very2 much (but i can cross ur name off my list now, because ur not that kinda person, sucha waste of my time).

and i am not a jealous bitch, LIKE YOU.
so i dunno why was i even friends with you in the first place,
pardon me, my bad.

ohyeah, and incase you havent noticed,
i don’t share anything with you?
i dont need you to share anything with me either.
i used to care.
but i guess, you’re turning even shallower by day,
so please, just STOP IT.

i hope i won’t be like you in the near future regarding friends or boyfriends either..
because it’s really a sad life you lead.
and please, don’t lean on me anymore.
you’re a piece of dirt man.

i really2 look down on you. forgive me. though thats suppose to be ur line,
i hope u realize who u really are one day,
cos it just pains me.
maybe when the day comes, i’ll confront.
but now’s not the time. i need a concrete info to attack you. (hahahaha attack kepeeee)

or maybe, i hope u get to humiliate urself infront of those new people of yours. ^^
i am so mean,
when you’re mean to me.
i still remember you know. sorry is just not enough.

and pleaseeee stop underestimating me.
u underestimate the music i listen to, u underestimate my friends, and you still dare call urself my friend?? siolon nye anak.
u are as intelligent as ur pubic hair,
seeing where u ended up. LAAAWWWLL.

dah gitu, pastu boring nak mampos plak tuhh. sialaaa.
kau gantung diri, sambil tercekik makan ayam pun best arr siol.
nak step manenye budak concept. cium pantat kucing aku dulu.
ok asfa cb memang. x))

u are just one sad, insignificant soul, u should go and kill yourself.

siape makan chili terasa lah pedasnye!

now on lighter noteeeee:
i am turning in early. ^^
okay dahs.

love you all!
i sound like michael jackson.

p/s: dino says he wanna teach us to skate. lols. he’s asked me to try for months. but i guess i didnt wanna cos no friends. now finally got jerry and kyn who wna learn too? ahhaaaa~ or maybe, like jerr says, we will learn for 10minitz and den hang out. HAHAH kentalz.

pp/s: i made a myspace already. i am kinda lost. but will make it pretty2 and nice tomorrow arr i guess? i need to decide what pix to load up (cos really, i have too many siahh wahlaoweii) and i need to figure out how the thing works.. i am ego and i dont wanna ask for help. for now. =P

lol. the link is at my links list to the left side of this blog please ladies and germs (i noe u never ask. OKEH SHUDDUP)


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