today muka aku bachen // pretty ugly.

i wasnt sleeping okaaaaay. HAHAHA. jerry muke cramp perr

i lurrvveee this poster. ^^


SASHA GREY EXPRESSIONS! ella, apesal kau step kawaii! sungguh tak sasha grey okey expresi kau!

CUTE NYER. benci aku pandang! =P

ella step vogue, jerry = no comments.

KENING KAU AKU TAKLEY ANGKAT LA JERRY. AKU SUKE!! i can nvr achieve that arch unless i draw!! and i fail eyebr0w drawing!

ella takmo step vogue ahhh..

muke tak ikhlas betul ahh nie anak.

and then i came home to diagon alley. =P hahah *harry potter fanatic*

any guy who comment any girls,
saying they look different in pictures and live,
can just go goncang until he got no more to spare OKEH.


i hate that kinda people!
it is VERY insulting and it doesnt even feel better when u say "but still preety!! though"

because girls are sensitive.
actually kan,
come to think of it,
i have raised this issue so many times in this blog,
i can compile everything and make a book.

i am not even gonna discuss this!
it is tooo exasperating for w0rds!

all i can say to guys like this is:
fuck you all!


k today was fun!
though i was pretty quiet.
sorry ahh, emosi terganggu skjap la babes.

so sorry yeah!
but we did have alotta laughs of course!
no doubt. whenever we together will always laugh,

i loveeeee you two!

which reminds me,
missed kyn today.
she couldnt come along.

well, we went home at 6.30pm anyways.

and im sorry i was like,
late arr kays.

we promised to meet at 1pm,
and i woke up at 12.45pm.

quickly called jerry..
haha turned out they were still at tampines.
so nvm.

but im sorry lah babes!
really sorry.

i shouldnt have slept late i knowwww

fedex please. =D lols.

gawsh. my hair sucks lor!
wax mcm tak berguna!
doesnt hold at all. ))):

so i look crap.

okay nvm.

thats why i miss my old hair..
no products also relek. )):


so uhms.

see you tmr i guess?

today was a blast though it was short.

till we meet again for harry potter session!
HAHA IMY already. (:

and what do u say if somebody asks u out?
thru comment?
is that like..
some kind of new spam? i suspect so.


i dunno what to say.

even so, i dont feel we can get along? (i may bore him to his grave or erm the other way)
or maybe i just dont try to?
what if i say i like someone else?

haha who dislikes harry potter/fantasy/books/etc
cannot get along wif me.
HAHA K aku bastard.
im kidding.
im jus picky and dunno what i want.

i know, confusing ey?
ape yang aku nak, takkan dicapai. lawl.
emo per aku.



p/s: ur stiff and boring. so go away.


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