i am self centered. and i know it. and i don’t care. ^^


some dude accused jerry of being a butch!? (aku sedeh same kau, jerry)

how could he say that abt my big sis!
cis bedebah!

hmms~ isit cos.. she always hang out wif girls, she dont have a boyfriend,
okay aku bastard ah discuss gini mcm.
im just disturbed gyler nak mampos tertonggeng okey jerry.

bermakne kan,
i see our similarities, daymmnn.

"like those girls will want to make you their "bf""
so he said.. excuse me, which girls ley!! gawwd.

pretty2 gitu pun ade org accuse u being a butch.
very2 disturbing. thats all. ^^
end of discussion.

well ytd,
i think it was strange tea’s tights im wearing,
sorry arr kays!
but it was a last minit outfit to put together,
and ur tights was ON MY BED.
so… thanks anyway. ^^

and err. sorry. and thanks. again.

and im like..
so lazy to reply to F’s comments nowadays.
so i just let ’em pile up and up and up.

oh and jerry, THANKS EHH for sayin i look arrogant~~
that boosted my self esteem babe! changed my life it did.. *annoyed*

ella nga set rambot.

my big sister jerry! who is incidentally also very low self esteem. -________- god forbids u to ask why.

because it was funny..

while waiting for our movie at the cathay! (((((:

you just feel like shooting this girl, don’t u? if i were you, i’d feel it too. ^^

the very cute / comel loteh (eww. did i jus type dat out) girlfriend..

big sis and ella ehh ehh in the ladies.
gonecase sia. seriously! bersolek tak habis2!
take even longer than meeeee. and ppl always complain abt MEEE.
how could dey! they should meet these 2 first before judging me hor!

and ella, u are a perfectionist.
keep whining about ur eyelash not sticking properly x))
kalah aku.. ok asfa bastard.

aww ella look so cute! kyn can enter SFOGS. ok tak, asfa bastard.. i kid.. i kid.. x)

i really like this somehow.. =/

okaaaay asfa=sungguh menyebok. i knowwwww. =p

the wind.. was too strong. "keep your hair on" i say.

ELLAAA… ❤ ^^ the funny girlfriend~

=)…. oh, and i dunno why i look like dat either. SHUDDDUUUUPP.

look at kyn;s expression!hahahaha ok asfa bastaaaaard.

apesal banyak2 tempat kau boleh pose, kau nak pose kat sini arr ella? it boggles my mind.

outside far easssst.. while jus talkinggggg… the paparazzi kyn took this. -____-

oh this was after my bladder problem was done. HAHAHAA. 0k.
i am so not polite. everybody has it what!! tsk! *annoyed*

you know, sometimes it bothers me that i wear all these dresses,
but i don’t have a ladylike personality at all.
you know, i guffaw. i shout even at the most public places when im annoyed (haha, jerry ella and especially kyn noes..)
and i dont sit close legged. so not sweet.

so.. now.. what i want to do is,
learn to behave like a proper girl.

and ontop of it all
i have no inkling as to how to wear high heels.
at all. nada, zip, zilch.
i’ve never worn one before.
i sweaaaaaar.
it is very sad.
cos i’ve been a ballet flats kinda bitch all thru my life..
so thats also definitely in one of my 2009 resolutions.

before 18th birthday, i wanna already have acquired the skill of wearing 4" heels.
hows dat ey! (woah, shocking). and not only that,
but also to last the wholeee day in those heels (*smirks at ella and jerry*)
and also it helps because im so bloody hell short, thats the most last resort..
a desperate attempt of trying to pretend im average height. LOL.

tsk. must dream big!

im tall im tall im tall im tall *continues chanting to self*

today went to senkang.

went okay arr.


tmr meeting jerry n ella for another round of applications.
meeting ’em at 1pm, orchard station.. HEE~
dont wanna be late.

well jusnow train ride SUCKED.
otw to senkang,
i was pressed to the glass panel with somebody’s armpit at my face,
why is that so?

they should do some campaign to let ppl not abuse short people.
-_____- fuck u old man!
ur armpit smelled!
well i pushed him away and he looked annoyed though. (im e one in perfect liberty to feel annoyed! arse)
all thru the ride,
i kept on *tsk-tsk*ing.
its not even funny.

and then otw home train ride,
this couple, of all places to sit, (the whole cabin was free la siolzz)
chose to sit directly infront of me.
thats okay. i didnt mind.

but when they started to snog, kiss, hug, (all e same), tickle, giggle, touch-feely.
well no. im just bitter, bitch.

they kept glancing over at me as if to say
"what? no boyfriend ahh" EH WAHLAO. THANKS HORR. (like as if its my fault im alone rite tat moment!)
my self esteem buried a grave for itself at mount kinabalu siaa. TSK.

they really did! after each hug, look at me.
after each kiss (mouth, cheek, neck U NAME IT!) also look at me.

gua bingit arr. can do in private place onot????

den came a moment when a monster-sized fly keep flying all around me,
so i was left flapping, twitching and squealing all by myself.
damn suay hor.

the couple stare at me n sniggered. like im some kind of entertaining circus act or smtg.
(wahlao. no sense of decency/respect U NAME IT!)

i couldnt take it anymore,
i moved to the second last cabin. (i was at the 2nd cabin)

my pride and self-esteem really died.

i mean, i wouldnt mind if they wanted to snog (i determinedly stared away from them)
but the fact that the corners of my eyes can see them whispering and staring……. *distressed*

felt like yelling "what?!" everytime they look.

what a suay train-ride. -_______-

ok BYE.

p/s: I WANT A HOUSE ELF. for christmas. lolllllll. please?

pp/s: its high time i rebonded my hair again. )): my fringe is going all crooked. moneyy moneyy come to me. =D please?


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