flowery shorts; home & happymeals.

wasnt readdyyy. =D

okay. i look damn kental.


budak2 mcm takde wawasan.

not ready againn..

eeee dumdum mcm hantu! xiao cha bor.

scooter. =p

hahahahahahahah tak menjadi.

kimakks, dumdum resembles a pontianak man..

freeze; i dunno how to do it.. LAAWWWWLL.

sweetness! ❤

pinky my luuurrrv!

dumdum came by first, she was from somewhere else b4 that.
shortly pinky came by, also from somewhere else b4 that..
only i was at home the wholeeee way (which explains the erm.. outfit.)

pinky’s hair, stop it seyy.
step cute betol..

we were busy bees today. ^^

overall=fruitful and fun! (as always, never fail to)

luuurrrvv youuuu babes.

imma sleep early today.
tomorrow is a big big BIIIIGGGGGG day.

gonna meet ella, jerry and kyn. hahahah~
which excites me!
i still havent found an outfit for tomorrow. =/
hmmm. gonna wreck my brains later.

for now,
i go off first yeaaahh. tata!

hope u people had an awesome day!

start of monday blues for some people,
cheer up, bitch!

p/s: i lost my green ring. ))))): SHITES. okay nvm. (: can buy new ones.


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