ralph lauren.

you know what.
i am completely obsessed with baby girls clothings.

i have no fucking idea why.
its so sudden! AAAGGHHH.

what the hell is wrong wif me?

this is the cutest ever! agree with me or die. oh it’s by Ralph Lauren ofcourse.

i dont look at it if its not designer. LOL.asfa mcm pahs.
no i was just curious what kind of designer clothings for kiddies look like, u noe..


well, if you’re interested, you can check out more of ’em ralph lauren children out here.

apple. delicate says:
and im like looking at baby nye baju. ahha! CUTE SAKZ. keciiiikkkk je.
apple. delicate says:
  Girlfriend In Coma™ says:
makkk.. dahtu stress
  Girlfriend In Coma™ says:
kau biol
apple. delicate says:
hahahaha! kamu DIAMZ. janganz mas0kz camp0rz.. kimaks. cute nye. sabar asfa.. buat bertenang.
  Girlfriend In Coma™ says:
jangan bilang aku kau nak anak
apple. delicate says:
one day aku nakz. tapi skg aku mcm nak beli banyak2 baju pastu dress up doll.
apple. delicate says:
mampOS kau
  Girlfriend In Coma™ says:
mampos. kau mcm ader mental sickness kau tawu
apple. delicate says:
namun begitu, tetapz kamu menyayangi ku.
  Girlfriend In Coma™ says:
get a life.

HAHAH WTF. thanks arr jerryyyyyyy.

meeting kyn at 3.
meeting jerry and her friend ella at i donno when.
so yahps.

outfits.. outfits.. what should i wear.. -________-
i hate going thru this.
i need new clothesssss.

Notice: ASFA. BRING THE CAMERA, DAMMITZ. remember hor! or i will fucking strangle you! so your conscience says.


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