twit: "bored lahh.."
apple: "go out la"
twit: "wif u?"
apple: "wth ofcos no. i mean generally, u go out wif anybody u wanna"
twit: "iwannamityoucan?"
apple: "apesal siak"
twit: "where u live?"
apple: "clementi. why?"
twit: "i live in wdlds.. turun wdlds ah.."
apple: "LEK SUA!"


dunno why i cant seem to be polite to strangers lols (its not even funny i noe). where do these people come from anyways. and why the hell did i seem to miss them during the msn people-blocking session the other day?

today is a lazy day.
im drafting out questions to interview people.
just random questions ahh.
ala frankie. ^^

and den juju said that gigi man wanted my number.
i commented back i say:


imma lesbian. hahaha."

HAHA CB sia asfa.

so i’ve got to the point of putting this on the prof:
"relationship status: NOT INTERESTED IN MALES and that i am interested in females."

hahahaha wtf.
damn priceless man~

which part of that do they not understand now?
im gonna shove up the sony wega tv in sis’s room up their ass.

and everybody who blabs on me that my msn is okay,
is gonna be fucked upside down.
cos right now –> "my msn rosak2 ahh. haha.."
is what they all think okehhs. (: thank you.

arghhh. this is what happens when i got nothing to say.

lemme continue bout my questions okays?
cos i got nothing to say.
and have a great day!

p/s: puffiness is slightly gone (i think??and i hope, cos i need to go out tmr lorr), i really need to keep close watch on my sleep! gaaah~ -_- troublesome, can?

pp/s: oh and friendster has alot of spam now right? some random people just sending u links to some stupid video, dont open it man! how thick could u get. -_____-

kyn, hope ur okay babe. i’d like to give u a hug ar. but i cant imagine giving u one cos i dont give hugs or kisses normally. im not romantic that way, but i care. haha! aww u bitch, u asfa.

he was AN.ASSHOLE and he should just go fuck himself.
you know that, right? ^^
when my face is okay (do i sound like im doin plastic surgery or smtg),
hopefully tmr or smtg, we’ll go out kays, we love u.

AND I PROMISE TO BRING THE CAMERA. (jerry! tell me bout tmr hor!)


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