no talk. lotsa pix and summary

my dear puffed up popinjays!

ur puffed up host tonight will be posting nothing but pictures AND a summary.


since i received it like pretty late (i aim to sleep before 12 yaw, PLEASE ehh. i dun wanna be a balloon no more! the puffiness of my face is reduced today, im so relieved)

here goes pix of juju, kyn and my outing.
with "guest-of honors" of Dino, melvin, apian and friends (cos they happened to wanna come up to e same place as us, well, what can i say)

JUJU. hahaha. the grape.

WTF LAH KAN. i simply HAD to sit infront where the flash will make me lose all my facial features. nabey.

okeh cb. thanks ehk my teeth. i look like one of the zombies in "quarantine", just add the contact lens, minus eyeliner, but please, do keep them teeth. aaaand:

dino: "kau tak smoke?"
me: "nope."
dino: "tapi kau isap shisha?"
me: "yups."
dino: *snorts disbelievingly*

OKEY WHAAAAT. -____-" hmms. im jus.. social? ok shuddup.

its only the 2nd timeeeee. =/ unlike JUJU, total addict man she. maniac. =p haha jk.

i look damn carefree hor? i like this pichur. dont comment. shut ur mouth. ((:

i slept like everywhere lor time we arrived. -__-" cos i was THAT tired y’know.. (online till 4am for 2days straight and den going out wtfwtf? im not used to that.. lols. im a homely girl (hahahahaha lanciao) im jus delicate. *smiles serenely* so, hence the puffed up face (noted afew days b4 ytd, dear honeybunches) and damn lethargic character. sorry laa juuu and kyn. ^^ and dino and all..

falling asleep agaaaain. juu is such a paparazzi man.

juu asked me to "wake up" and smile, ahh. jus for awhile. after that i was back to position one again. LOLS. it was that easy babes. lovely rich color. AND I BLOODYHELL know i am wearing the same tee shirt (as the previous post) okehhs.

ya yaa yadaayadaa..
asfa never bath bla bla..
I BATHED. and i hung the tee e nite b4. i thot i was going to work, thats why the sloppy and superslack wear!
if i knew i was gonna hang around, i’d put more effort into dressing. -_-"

but cos i "went MIA.. must see the big boss" or smtg. GAAAH.
so im jobless and useless yet agaaaaain.

after kene "halau" (haha. wtf.) quickly smsed kyn arrr.
sooooooo yups. thats e summary anyways. as to why i wasnt at work.

I KNOW LA WTF. keep dozing off. -_______- but i l0ve putting up everything. so this is NOT an exception. if ur a pervert who wants to see how i look when i sleep (OKEH. why would anyone even give a fuck, asfa??) here it is (goncang lah kau puas2. HAAH SIALA ASFA CB.) im just kidding! eww! i really am! not that there’d be anyone ahh.. but.. better safe than sorry.. =x

OKEH. rambot belah pepekzzz. so unflattering. -__-zz

SEE HOW PUFFED UP I LOOK? BLARDY HELL. low self esteem sia look at this photo.

i simply had to sleep man. couldnt stop myself. i suck.

ok this shot sucks. whoever the photographer is; what were u playing at?. HAHA siala. nola. jk. but there is too much head space.. *frowns* OKEH NVM. the point is, our face is there right? RIGHT.

so ytd was fine.
jus lepaked at the place,
after that they couldnt decide where to go,
i mean, i already decided i was going home early.
(obviously, cos falling asleep everywhere is not an option okehhs.)

so they went home too.

think those who din wanna go home were kyn, juju and apian (last ppl roaming ard aimlessly). if im not wrong. the rest were good boys and went home. HAHA. jk.

they did go home ofcos.

so now, today.
hari raya wasnt it ladies and germs?
stayed home.

hope urs went awesome.

i know, dont be scared. thats me. i swear! -_____- i knowwww. i suck w/o makeup. so shoot me.

i look like a GODDAMN guy laaaa. strange tea(far right) looks sweet.. i mean the middle girl already noes she’s swit la so forwhat imma praise her right.

we sat at……………………………..

Tully’s coffee place at west coast plaza.. ((: haha. this is my white chocolate mocha.. and we ordered.. truffle too:

which tasted goddamn nice lah for fuck’s sake. actually wanted to go coffeebean (personal favourites), but, decided to "try something new" so the 2 witches say.. i personally thought it would be great to "stick to the classic" HAHA. cb. but it was strange tea’s treat. ^^ what could i say, it turned out better than expected anwyay.. (i mean, we all noe how good coffeebean is right?)

"asfa, have you never heard of LJ’s cut?"
NO I HAVENT. if i put under LJ cut sure u never peer in the post one. right??
blardy hell.

haha, aftermath.

well, get used to this face or get outttt. -____-

thats miu miu… =D

yes. i know. i have the worst black eye rings ever available on planet. -____- im working on it, dammitz. concealers are magical lah okeys.

and juju is like "ohmygawd, u look damn damn different in this picture.." okeyy. thanks ehhhhh
whatever that means.

well. today wasnt much,
jus that ms manis (1st sis) dropped by with the kids and some unidentified small boy (somebody else’s son) to our house.
the lauks nearly finished.

and talking abt food,
mom made nasi minyak, lauk ayam sambal and curry daging.. what did u guys eat?

dont bother.
i’m talking alone i know..

well im done here.


have a nice weekday tomorrow everyone!


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