pass time..

dear ladies and germs,

my morning has been unhappening, really.

just went on facebook, (you know, its a once in a blue moon kinda thang)
well, the thing is, im not active in facebook cos i dont get how it works. -__-

its sooooo complicated to meee.

well, hmms.
i took the effort to go upload some photos, change profile photo..
and uhhh~
change the profile description.. lols.

and and..
here goes.. pix i jus found sis upl0ad up at her facebook..

haha, muke tak mandi sakz. and someone commented said i look "sooooo cute".
i really dunno what to say. ^^ *blush deeply*

but sometimes that word is just too much.

ok shuddup asfa.

so uhm.
strange tea and me went to watch "Quarantine"

blardy hell *continues cursing*

fucking scary laa okays!

better than KM31!

i even screamed TWICE smre in the theatre!
damn paisey lah h0kays.

what must have the couple beside us be thinking???

but nvm.
its a fucking good movie, and its a reaaaaaaaaly worth-the-money watch.

luckily my scream wasn’t the "manly" kinda (which i am known to achieve lah wtf)
it was quite lady and high pitch. ^^
kinda proud of my scream.
cos i cant scream y’know..

shuddup about screaming.

today im going out wif jerry.
we dunno what to do,
so gonna catch madagascar.

den hang round town, people watching.


not happening arhs.
i just need a quiet time. ^^
aku kan da anti sosial jugak skarang.


jerry wanna camwhore gyler nak mampos terbalik nye style i think.

dunno if we can achieve it.
hope u guys have an awesome saturday kays. =D


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