WARNING: long post. very long.


so i’ve just came back from helping my sis photocopy some things..
aku tgah bl0m mandi, NAK pergi mandi 0keyys (mind you, HMPPH *sniff loudly*)
and she said

"echa, can teman me go photocopy some things.. "
"huh? when? now?"
"ok i go bath first.."
"no, as in now, now."
"what?! of course i cant!"
"nolaaa. can lahh. i need your help.."
"cos i need u to bring them back home.."

she looked so flustered and she was late.
so what could i say. -__-
i know. im so kind right.. what to do..

so i quickly err. rinse face..
and bring back all my hair.. (gaaah~ practically exp0sed myself)

threw on secondary school’s PE t shirt..
i look like somebody’s maid siaa.

then we went to the first store..
"photocopy machine is temporarily not in use"

wahlao. nabey lanciaoz.

so went to the 2nd store..
saw this neighborhood bitch arr..
i wouldnt be caught dead with muke tak mandi, no make up and hair all back like alien OKEH. wtf.
all e way i was like praying i’d see NOBODY i know.
sekali.. saw her lah pulak kan.
of all the people -__-

i quickly swiveled quickly around..
dead end. so i was lucky when she passed by smoothly je..
and not dropping by to photocopy smtg too.

then sister said lets go another route..
and i was like

"gaaaH~ thanks!"
"no, its becos we have to walk here anyway.."

i thought its becos she cared. hahahaah!

so then that 2nd store,
"ohh. all A4 size. we cant photocopy something bigger" (something along those lines)

sister was panicking..

LUCKILY the lady was well-informed enough to say that right infront of our block,
got this maid agency.
they do photocopying.

sister was stunned. like slenger bachenz yang tak pahamz bahase..
she jus stood there mouth hanging open.
i think like she was thinking "why would a maid agency do photocopying??"

so i pulled her away and we went quickly laa (pls laaa, she is LATE. and still can dilly dally. -__-)
when we entered (please remove your shoes, thank you)
finally somewhere that the machine can take big documents.

and gawd,
imma say this one last time okey.
i look like one of the maids there LARR.
like, i can totally fit in.

only afew minutes aje..

so den went back with all e original stuff.


now. lemme update u abt ytd.
pictures first, talk later.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okey asfa bastard sey.
(but her face is totally priceless la really!)

i dunno why i so kental pose like this. GOODNESS. -_______-

baim wasnt ready.. HAHAHAH.

YERLAA. aku kan pendekz. baim kuranghajarrr ckp "nanti aku belikan kau susu"
and i dunno whats with these "portrait" kinda pictures -____-

yah i know i look like i got constipation..

makan kepe boy! hahahh. aku memang tak mkn kfc.. kyn takde $$, so die ajelaa. hahaha~

we teman-ed baim go hmmm…
peninsula.. den bras basah..
look at guitars.

i swear i have no inkling on guitars.
so mas0k kedai muke mcm paham arr ape lagikzzzz

but i am interested in learning keyboards. -___-

after that..

we jus lepaked at bugis library.. (hence, the photos)

and dennn…
walk to cineleisure and all..
u noe.
we really like.. dunno where to go.. (takde arah tujuan)

so yaahps.

den went h0me round 9 or smtg..
hahahah~ (:

yesterday is an emotional day.
cos its the last day of school..

i really am gonna miss the girls.
cos no matter how many gossipping we’ve done against each other..
i think at the end of the day,
we were quite fond of each other..

guess everybody made an impact..

i enjoyed every moments with the 2 cliques im with.
sometimes we cannot get along..
sometimes we can..
and.. you people show u care,
though im stubborn. of course.
i know that.

ur advice irritate me.
they touch a nerve..
but they’re true ahh and i know that.

aku kan ego.
so forgive me, i love u people okeys.

if i had a scanner i’d scan the class photo,
you know who u are. ^^

goodluck for your IAs..
and uhh~ we’ll meet again i guess.

yesterday’s selling skills paper was HARD. O_O

so after that,
our kind hearted teacher brought us to
Han Rive Table Grill or someting place..
(at what mall was it? hahaha. tamp eh? or eastpt.. ok sorry.when it comes to food, i dont notice antg..)

so its the first time i been to somewhere thats almost like Seoul Garden.
okey. i know, what loser hasnt been to seoul garden?
im one damn sad soul siaa
shuddup. -_-

i damn JAKUN (translation: excited) siaa when come to grilling ourselves!!
was scared of the hot butter splattering to my hands.. (maklumlah, budak yang tak tau masak)
and the pain killed me. (haha, okey im kidding..)
but yalah2.. =D i enjoyed it immensely!

very shiok ar.
ate till i could burst..
for dessert i had ice cream den continued grilling, so it wasnt dessert la right? HAHAH
it was all very good..

and we all chipped in money to get ms soh flowers and box of ferrero rochers..

gaaah~ *wipes away tears*
so beautiful.

haiz. gonna miss u guys man.



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