im bitter & cynical.

dear ladies and germs,

i jus finished blocking people on my list.
they, who suck hardcore.
irritating and get on my nerves.
yang tak paham bahase.

and just plain boring.

and i deleted the this person who gave my email to somebody else too.
i hate that okay.
i really do.
thats so fucking random. -_-"

and i hate it.
because it’s without permit.

and because the one who passed my email also damn boring lor. -_-"
case matrep sakz. (added me time i put my email at my profile. lols)

so now,
whats left are those whom i cherish. aww. ^^
sticking to a smaller circle is best i suppose.

i feel like changing hp number.
hmm should i?

love songs.. love songs.. where are you. *there u are!* oh fuck. im out of my mind.

irritating+random twit: "so.. um.. do u mind if.. i ask for ur number?"
apple: "yah i mind"
irritating+random twit: "asal?"
apple: "suke hati aku" *block*

im just not in e mood for entertaining.
aku sedey sakz.


i also need a whole cake of chocolate mud. please? *smiles sweetly*

p/s: i feel very heartless nowadays. i know im complicated. sorry? =/ hmms. wonder how shld i say this.. *deep sigh* i know i dont show any signs at all. but.. doesnt mean. GAAH. k shuddup.

pp/s: i also feel like closing down friendster. stupid tagged. and appearing offline always. shut the world? hahahah~ cos i just cant face itttttt. hahaha~ i hope this is just temporary. (: it’s not even funny and im smiling, see what i mean?



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