baby i know sometimes its gonna rain..

picrtures while waiting for jerrrrrrryyy to msg me. hahhahaa KAU LAMBAT APERRR. =PP
hahahah~ jk lah beb. aku lagik lmbtttt x) mampos kau bachenz.

today we applied at 2 stores.
and then we slacked lah blardy hell.
other stores rejected cos either they need fucken mandarin speakers.
or they are just full.

so uhms.
guess soon another round ahh.
i am rimas w/o a job. -___-"
i need something to do.

okay i know.
i keep repeating myself.

HAHAHAH WTF CB. YOU LOOK LIKE A BOY. haha asfa sial. nolarr. aku kidding la kentalzzzzz, REALLY! IM KIDDING! swear! =P

JERRY! TANGAN MINTAK SDEKAH KEPE SIOLZZZ. [hahahaha! tu arr. kacau aku lagik, amek kau ubatzZzz]

alamak jerry, biadap la pulak kan kau nie. kau tak suke aku kau cakap ter0s terang! takya amek gmbr cmnieeee. =P

this girl, step malu2. padahal no shame langsungzz. =P aku tembak kang…

somehow kan jerry, aku suke ini gambarz.. teng0kla sape yang amek kan.. *flicks hair*

this apek kan, da dig his nose, he eat it. i noe. blardy random and disgusting.

so yeah.
after the hunt,
jus chilled at starbucks outlets.

ahhh all in good fun.
i enjoyed myself. ^^

but jerry likes deleting pictures blardy hell. -____-"

tomorrow depilatory paper.
cant wake uppppppppppp. -_-


p/s: if only you knew.. =/ hmms.


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