tomorrow prolly meeting jerry to uhh…look out for jobs. (yes its a weekday. we wont go wrong, insya’allah..)

so just now had salon operations theory paper..
i woke up late.

i dunno why the hell i even bother to keep an alarm when i clearly will sleep thru it.

i cant help it.
but teacher gave a call though.
it was late tho.
nearly 7am.

(paper starts at 8.30-9.30, travel to simei frm clementi abt.. 1hr++, and u must think abt e m0rning cr0wd)

so i came in late..
i was like, rushing all e way siaaa.
hair not even set properly (0key, i noe wtf kan. EXAMS sia why the hell mus care abt hair, but i do.. apparently)
when entered the hall, i lo0ked damn disheveled lor.
like some rape victim panting heavily.

as usual.
on my part.
nothing glamorous.

i forgot to silent my hp..
i was allll e way praying it wont ring that classic ringtone of it..

skalie when baim sms me (left 5mins till paper finish)
it only vibrated.

i wasted time worrying while doing the paper lor.
when all the while it was already silent.

and then, after exam,
went with nona, honey,macqueen and nina dunkin donutz go eastpoint.
go eat LJS.
we didnt want the breakfast.
so we die-die sat there wait for lunch menu to be up.
kentalz right..

while waiting,
one of the staff,… (china person arr)
she welcomed customers by saying something like "hi sir!" or was it "master!" or smtg..
we asked her what she was saying but she dont understand our simple english.
so nevermind.

you know why the fuck we asked?
what she said sounded irritatingly like "asfa!"

and everytime..
i repeaT: EVERYTIME she said it, i would jerk my head and look around, and uncontrollable twitching!
because i kept thinking somebody calling meeeeee wrtfwtf. lanciaaaaaoz.

so all e way i had to endure the twitching. -__-"
i noe. i twitch when people call my name.
shuddddduuuurrrrrp you.

so today was an okay day.

i really am looking forward to saturday.
the day i will meet up maybe SOA? i dunno.
or myb jus lepak with faiz, baim and kyn and dunno who else. hahaha.
maybe going explore. maybe aje.. -_-" i dunnoes.
nobody promised me anyting. hahaha wtf.

ppp/s: i need a nap. maybe that’ll clear up my head. (: look on the bright side u bitch, u asfa..

i love katy perry. she’s so kooky.

i dunno why people have boyfriends now. looks dead depressing.
hearing stories from my friends currently in a dilemma just now (where live stories, and den friend calling2 me), reading people’s blogs where the girls are crying their arse off about their boyfriends. its just. lols. dead depressing and unnecessary. i dunno. its not funny.

sucha hassle and even l0ads more confusion. GAAAH.
what do i wantttttttt,

ohyes. i want a job.
now i remember.


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