there’re no real friends, just poserz, my dear fuckfaces.

i have officially round cheeks.
i so need to do something about this.

i dont mind the body much.
i just need to get the paus away..
these two.. fishballs..

okey. lets get on topic.
i dunno who my real friends are (i mean, i’ve known all along there arent any of course.. but kept on hoping like the naive girl i am).
something just snapped in me,
like i got a slap on my face.

i dont need to live with jealous people, you know.
if you were a true friend, you wouldn’t be such a fucking bitch
and go around gossiping about me or critisizing me behind my back to your boyfriend, (or other friends.)
you were supposed to be defending me,
be there for me instead of making fun of me..
but i know.. i know the little bitch in you.

i see them in your eyes.
everytime i accomplish something YOU never got to do,
there’s this spiteful glint i see.
and from then on,
i knew, i don’t need to be close to people like you.
you didn’t feel proud of me, you just felt plain spiteful.
im not the kind of person to be in people’s shadows you know.

if you wanna shine,
then go live alone.
other people also have their own dreams lah cibai.

i dont wanna be close to anyone right now.
whatever it is, i still have a family i love. and they’re the best people to be with.
sure i am sociable.
but it doesnt mean im close to you, means i trust you.

i’ve been a distrusting person as long as i can remember.
which is why, i am how i am right now.
if i went around telling people everything about myself.
i will be backstabbed and bleeding by now. (okay. that sounds so cliche, but belive me..)

dunno why girls are such bitches.
im starting to sound like one too.
i realized it at school just now.
i must stop this before it becomes me..

p/s: asfa, learn to stop talking about people. i should learn to be quiet now.


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