falling out of fashion

Name the person you hate
`the homosexual stick insect who calls stephy "pushpalatha" whenever she walks past.

Name the person you love
`not just person, its afew people; my family and my happymeals family..

Name the person annoys you
`homosexual stick pushpalatha "woman".

Name the person that you talked to today?
`happymeals darling!

Name the person who last texted you
`pinky happymeal!

Name the person to last call you
`happymeals! hahah wtf. damn fanatic sak asfa.

Name the person who you think hates you?
`pushpalatha woman. haha cb sia u asfa..

Name the person who you think loves you?
`family! happymeals? no? GFs! i h0pe. its gonna be sad if nobody loves me.

Name the person that first comes to mind right now

Name the person who hugged you last
`i hugged yaya at school! hahah! πŸ˜€

Name the person who you last had a get together with
`e school babes..

Name the person who last made you laugh

Name the person you forgave last?
`i dont forgive.

Name the person you said sorry to?
`haha! yadiv! cos he fragile like hell! wtf

Name the person you wish you still knew?
`this one andalus ngaji classmate i had lastime..

Name the person you last sent email to?
`i dunno! i love emails!

Name a person in your family?
` Sara! a.k.a Strange tea. (: hahahaha.

Name a person you think would be there when you need them?
`family lor, and gfs. (:

Name the person you’re not sure about
`hmm. myself.

Name the person who is trying to be an ass
`some people. *mysterious*

Name the person that makes you feel dumb
`hahahahahhahhaha cb! i dunno lah wtf.

Name the person you could trust with all your secrets?
`yaaya ! and my happymeals..

Name the person u do crazy things with?
`stephy, yaya, mirawwwrx, ana and iraa

Name your reading buddy
`sisters? well. they have the awesomest collection..

name your inspiration to be nice
`dunno what the hell ur tawkin bout

name the person you wanan give a slap across the face
`guys who cheat, generally. infact, i think they should get more than slaps.

name the person u wanan see right now
`happymeals. ): i  miss them..

name the person that you wanna hug right now
`do i look like i do HUGS ??? HUH HUH?? i dont do hugs kay. cept for gfs. hehe!

name the person u wanna kiss right now
`ahh i suppose Orange the boycat..

name the persons that you think understands u best
`myself lor..

name the person that frightens you
`homosexual stick insect pushpalatha really scares me !! hahahah wtf cb!

name the ideal person for your best friend?
`i dunno? myself. hahaha wtf. my cats lor.

name the person that comes to mind when you think of ‘evil’
`kakakakakaka.. why should i TELL YOU.

name the person that makes you feel awkard sometimes
`somebody i have a crush on. (: i dun act natural wen im w sum1 i like. i tink.. hahaha wtf.

name the person you think is a liar
`everybody lies. ^^

name the person you envy
`beautiful figured people lah wtfh.!

name the person who you think is way beyond creepy
`that kuda kepang dude,.. haha, u noe i noe..

name the person who you wanna give this survey to
`everybody who wants to do this, pls feel free! ^^

photoshoot with sister today was AWESOME!
i never knew it’d be THIS TIRING!!

bones aching!
will upl0ad some of e pix soon..
when strange tea has finished sending ’em.
it’ll take her a million light years. ^^

but anyways,
she provided food so im not that cranky! πŸ˜€
i loveeee today.

tomorrow sending off ms manis awaaaay.
PLS TO RMBR SOUVENIRS.. *huge hearty wink*

i dunno if i can wake up.. i’ll try to..
tomorrow work siak! flyingphuckks.

im so tired..
i jus wanna go wash myself,
slip into something airy,
get my book,
read till i fall asleep..

tata.. (:

THANKS FOR TODAY ! <33 ur the best!

p/s: very fruitful today!
pp/s: and i still want platform shoes! hahah wtf.

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