seesss ooiiin fashennn

i might as well tell u how i am at home.
my hair is all off my face, in messy tangles, eyeliner smudged and shiny-faced.
so i was munching on crackers with my mouth full and almost spilling out..
so laughing out loud at some videos (wif mouth full, can u imagine how gross it is?)

and somebody from school PMs me..
"some of e girls i chat with, they have strange beahviors.. but u, u exude grace?"

and i laughed hard. my crackers spurting out with every "ha ha" i do.

he doesnt have any idea what other strange behaviors some people hide behind.

and then stefy’s bf says i have "this arrogant look". HAHA WTF. thanks arrr

oh yes.
i finally broke up larr.

tsk~ i shouldnt waste people’s feelings rightttttt..

why did i even do it?!
stupid… stupidd….
ahh hope he’ll be fine.

now lets focus on this SATURDAY! its kinda exciting,
gosh. i so must practice! &.. uhh~ find out what outfits.. aaaand yahpps. thats bout it. tmr is tuesday.
hope nobody’s home. ahaa~

jusnow morning;
bumped into the ex’s 2 best friends and my ex colleagues.
was nice chatting.
but uhh~ haha! 0k nvm. bit.. too much coincidence,
cos keep seeing his best friends around everywhere!
kinda creepy..

and thenn..

just now in the morning,
my both eyes were swollen like hell..


the right eye was like folded in.. with a DEEEP line etched and so it was so swollen!!
the left?? was bit better.. but i looked like i aged 10yrs older!
(okey, if thats how i look in 10yrs time, actually not bad lahh)
i noe people always complain how swollen their eyes are..

i nearly cried!!
in my heart i was screaming like "OH NOO!!! HOW AM I GONNA GO SCHOOL!!"

so i kept on cold compressing my eyes.
it only got better abt 1hr later..

why so sudden sia.
i dont watch porn.
i never saw guy naked.
or girl.


okeh. thats not e point,
the point is..
i think i know why.

haha! and i wont do it again.

at school,
teacher seemed in a pretty good mood.

i was SO UNGLAM lor today!

go school,
rain soo heavily!
was wet to e skin!
might as well dont use umbrella right?!

and i w0re slippers.

so the whole day at school,
i walked around schoool in the slippers with umbrella hanging off my arm,



and selling skills roleplay; partnered stefy..
haha~ not bad not bad!


have i ever told u i dislike tuesdays?

well i am telling u now.
i dislike tuesdays.

okey, tell u what,
i am blardy sleepy.
and tired.

i just wanna browse magazines till i fall asleep.

quite hooked to strange tea’s Frankie magazine.

p/s: i wanna go to india. haha. *whine* italy. venice [nearby rite?] paris. 0kay. somewhere not singapore. (:
pp/s: maybe pix tmr? i dunnoeeee. haha~


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