Book Club

borders is having an AWESOME SALE.
i got crazy looking at e books.
i bought 5 today. ^^ 35% off youuuu!!

i thought of buying CDs too.
ahhh well. nvm.
next pay.
this pay is all about BOOKS.
last pay was all about CLOTHES.
next pay? i suspect about MOVIES AND MUSIC.

ytd; outs wif kim. and frens.

got unbearable.

went to mit up wip sisters!
my treat at coffeebean VivoCity, honeybunch.

this is me with mystexile.. i loveee dat belgian chocolate blend.. ^^ and they both got 2 small [goodness!! SMALL IS THAT BIG?!] glasses of i dono? hot chocolate i think.. one mudpie and that warm whatever-it-is-called which is blardy delicious i could die.

and this is me with strange tea.. ^^ i am sick of make up. very sick of it. so i just wear lashes now. -__-"

mystexile going all artsy on her hot chocolate. haha jk. ^^

i was so upset i didnt bring the camera along.
hang out before that was total crap.
loveeeee sisters so much sometimes. ^^

mystexile looked like she could faint anytime.
she look THAT tired.. haaaaiiisssh. so sad.

hahahaha~ shudduuuurrrrpppp asfa.

November 10onwards; week at a glance.

monday: school till 6? or maybe not.// teacher says she’s got a surpriseeee. wonder what it is..

tuesday: school till 6′? or maybe not again

wednesday: school. and work.

thursday: school. and work again.

Friday: happymeals? or maybe not. yet to confirm.

saturday: fully booked. in e morning; wanna have noob fotoshoot wip strange tea. theme? back to school; god noes what clothes i should bring. will research and come back again on it later. ALSO going out wit jerry tha sexaaay [hey jerry! maybe tis can be ur last name??! HAHAHAHA WTFWTF]

sunday: laze around and work in e evening.

this is Orange, my boyfriend kitty. isn’t he blardy handsome or what?!
*swoon* he’s the most loyal boyfriend i’ve ever gone through with.
you noe. 5years r/s and still running. LOL! =P

and agaaaaain. ^^

and some otw to sheng siong pix for youuuu.

STRANGE TEA GOT AN iPHONE LA FOR GOODNESS SAKE. lets take a moment to envy her 0key??
and another moment to abuse her fone. haha wtf! so mean sia asfa.

i got heaaaaavy eyebags!

i also bought a gorgeous cream colored belt for myself today.
[excellent for my that so-long-never-wear-pregnant-looking dress.]

okey gonna load songs and off i go to bed.

have a great week ya’ll!

"if u reli want me u shud hv time management"
sorry to tell you NO. i dont do time managements. ^^
YAY! singurl. haha. gawsh. ur jus not it.

im not playing arounddddddd. really. =/

shd i try wif mystexile too at borders?? =/

but i do so love my current job.
jus that the pay happens to be this super small
KNNCCB. how how how?? OOH. A DILEMMA.

i dislike.

must-do list:
-Do bus concession.
-Wash fans? tmr.
-scrub bathroom? erm. soon.
-organize closet..? QUICKLY. sucha pain in the arseeee these cats!! kip gg in my closet and messing up e clothes and eventually scraping out ALL e clothes to e floor! SO DIRTY RIGHT??? basketballz!!!!! so fucking irritated!! TIRED OKEY KEEP ON TYING UP UR CLOSETS. AND WHEN U FORGET TO TIE UP COS UR RUSHING, COME BACK HOME AND FIND UR CLOSET IN A HUGE WRECK!!!! FUCK!!! but i still love my kitties. FUCK!! WHY OH WHY???

culprit is this BOY HERE!!:

culprit name: HANDSOME.

tell me how could i have the heart to beat the crap out of him?
not that i actually beat any of our cats. -__-" BUT ITS SO IRRITATING!!
i wanna fling him out of e window!! if onlyyyyyy he can wreck BUT clean up too!


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