work perks.

when i first2 cut my mangkuk hair.. hahahaha~ its n0t like that la n0w..
obviously. i kinda miss it. ):

this was soooooo freaking long ago… like.. soo freaking long ago!!

THATS IT!! blardy hell. i DO miss my hairrrr… *whines*

receiving my head n shoulder massage thanks to ANA. πŸ˜€
for free you noe!! don play2..

i look POSITIVELY hideous.. oh yah. thats how i am when with stephy. =/
i always get down syndrome when im wif her.
boggles the mind don;t it?

i lost my balance. ): so i didnt turn out good.

pardon my expression. -__-"

thats a mirror. looks like its my hair. -_-"

DOESNT MIRAH LOOK BLARDY GORGEOUS?? why laa i always turn out to look so unlady-like.

i make upped for stephy. cant see? CLICK LAH to enlarge bodo.

hehehehe. steph took tis. whenever im wif steph. im always ugly.

too much laughing laaa~ WHY AM I LIKE THISSSS.. always laugh2..

ira n meeee. WHY DO I LOOK so constipated lor here.. ira looks so serene,
dont u think?? ^^

and theeeeeen people…
when i came back home from school,

quickly flung away my uniform and bag..

i camwhored again..
by myself…

had a GREAAAT time!

yups.. please do click for a clearer version.

GAAAH~ i wish i knew WHYYY my hair looks better in pix than life.
can i just live in a photo album or smtg??
okey. just kidding.

i tried imagining and it scared me..

okey so my updates,

work was bearable..
came at 5 with ira..

skeeemaks!! HAHAHAHA WTF!!
her reason senang jek!

"stuck at home"

HAHAHAHA!! had a hard time convincing rafi..

steph didnt come either..

so t’was jus ira and me..
not bad leyy.

stickinsect was there,
but i think..
too busy lah to be bitchy..

she just stuck her skinny arse at the podium takin calls.
and yes..

there were alotttaaa bitchehhh customers.

ur right..
i just disconnected. ^^

there was this customer who requested

"can i have one vivo (correction: viva OKEYY?? ITS VIVA!! NOT VIVO! u wan vivo, go harbourfront) cheap and click pizza."

asfa: "do u mean the viva cheese and chic?"

cust: "what viva cheese and chic. I WANT CHEAP AND CLICK."

asfa: *presses the HOLY BUTTON which disconnect the call*

eyy. for all i care,
he can go cheap and click himself right fucking now.
i don wanna give a fucccccckkkk

and then.
this customer,
i dont mean to make fun of any names.
sorry if it offends u.


asfa: "may i have your name?"
cust: "oh im miss kok. mdm, kok? errr. kok. name’s kok."

WTF. i nearly died.
cos the way she pronounce like "cock" and like..
"COCKHH" [take a deep breath, say "cock" and let go of ur breath. thats how she said it]

and then therss this man..
he wasnt speaking properly..
so i couldnt hear,
and finally he repeated his address in slow mode like im dumb like that..

and found out he lives in JALAN SOTONG. no wonder he so sotong saaak.
talk oso not properly. -__-"
then still have the heart to talk like im e sotong one.

haha. 0key. shh.

and then another customer,

"i called jusnow and one of ur colleague ask me to go call kfc!!"

asfa: "huh? why?"

"i dunno! i call i say i want to order pizza and he say "call kfc, pizza change number"

HAHAHAH!!  bastard saak that operator..
i wonder who,
wanna give him/her flowers for doing so well tricking customers. ^^

yeah so anywayss…

then after work go lepak wif dino n his  flens.
was quite okay.
lepak oso cos i left my book wif him that time go queensway [wif jhakim all] i t0mpang my book in his bag and 4got bout it.

so yaaaahs.


my day today?
was fine.
gonna mit kinabo n pinky later on to lepak 4 awhile.

so yapps.

TATA! πŸ˜€


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