HEEEEE; rambling.

okay i noe!
the previous post has been such a MESS!!
im so sorry..

dunno wtf.

i mean,
im pretty new to this "livejournal cut" for..
multi… awh ya~noe.

took me bout 3 days to load everything!
cos have been very2 busy so now its all up there for your viewing pleasure.
(and mine too)


so recently,
i’ve been very2 interested in digi art…
i sooo sooo wanna learn photoshoppppp *whine whine whine*

if my pay is continue-ing to get cheated,
imma walk out on them.
i dunno where i’ll go,
prolly be a traitor or smtg and go to..
other "chains"..

so after school jsnw,
terserempak with dearest2 happymeals!
well, they tried to trick me, really.

so sweet.
and we had fun..

passed to them my gift;
i bought them friendship rings from Diva.

ahhh~ well.
i noe i noe, im sucha sweet person.

there;s just SIMPLY NO TIME FOR MEEE!!!

i dont even have my "alone" timeeeee.

and also,
im planning a photoshoot,
once i’ve planned out~
can ask strange tea to help me out.
ANDDDD strange tea suddenly sms
"lets open a clothes shop!"

and im like.
can can can!!
i waaaannaaaaaa *whine whine whine again*

ok whatever.
but she still havent discuss.

aaaand on tuesday,
did make up for stephy & i thot,
for the first time,
the results weren’t that bad..

cos im a veeeeerrryy clumsy artist laaaa


tmr schooling,
AND working.
will update again soon myb.
(MAYBE tmr after w0rk.. 4-9pm.. 😀 so yahhs.)

my head feels sooo blardy light after salon!


p/s: did i do e right thing by accepting? i dun even have time for myself lah blardy hell.
pp/s: made lotsa fwens.. 😀 from school. now. its nice.

i wanna do something like this! =D………………………………………when i’ve got the time of course.

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