[befoe tis got some unnecessary convo, like, where e hell got my email]

"so intro pls"

"err, 17 f ite simei?? u?"

"18, tp, N ftballer, and irritating hyper kid"

"haha! irritating ah? dun look it."

"hah, dun liek then buzz off, nvr force u to stay wat"

isnt that a compliment?
ur not that big, so, blocked. tatas~
the delete button is such a joy. ^^

and he the one added me in msn.
god noes whats wrong wif people nowadays lah kan.

i wont remove my email from my profile,
bcos i am keen on being friends mah.
(erm, yes, will bear e consequences)
so people like this,
yang rude/biadap, one click and they’re gone.

so anywaaays~
tmr hafta wake up early..

and im currently after fake lash glues.
i dunno where e one im used to with is,
no stock EVERYWHERE!!
am seriously panicking,
cos i duno how to use other glues.

so irritating,
just when i got used to wearing them during e hols.
turns out like this.

school has been awesome.
e friends anyway.

e classes?
such a DRAAAAAG~

and i read jerry’s blog~
she wana go britain.
(ohmyblardygod lorrr, see e pix!! gorgeoussss)
we’ll go together when we’re 45 kan?
then fly off straight for haji to taubat.

hahahahaha wtfwtf.

i oso wanna do my own wishlist,
jom discuss ah jerry.

and and,
don’t be sad okey you, stay strong. (:

babygirl deleted her Fs..
cos her stupid bitch of a sister nye dunno what fucktard friend..
(somehow connected, somewhere along those lines)

and then the Fs was gone,
just like that,
pookymaaak nye kakak sak cmtu.

and then mane got hal about the ex..
bribing dear pinky to help him get me back.



kalah sak aku cmni.

after comp curfew n0w. will go eat and read book then.
cos im an insomniacccc.


am so busy for e c0mp.
no time to save the world.

p/s: sorry shidah n herwan not able to meet u guys jsnw..

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