MY LOVELIFE, WHY NOT?. u can skip this post pls. i jus need to rant rite nw!!!

warning: i am rimas. rimas. rimas. RIMAAAAAAASSSSSS!
translation: SUFFOCATING.

the ppl whom i know ALWAYS turn out to be mcm..

i ALWAYS get the clingy ones.
WHY?? WHYY????????????
aku tnk clingy2!!!
aku tnk accept means tanak la!!
u can go m0ve on wif ur lifeeee!! (and i clearly said so verbally lorr)

i aint f0rcing u to wait lah kan??
what u mean 1st gal?
this whole world, got m0re than a million gals.
u can get whatever "categories" u want siak.
pls laaa~

leave me alone.

okay uh.
ur nice n all.
but friends cannot ah?

"what can i do to make u accept me…"

did i even just get that ffr0m u???
N-O= NO.
which alphabet of those 2 letters dun u understand??? WHICH?

i sooo sooo lazy to entertain relationships sey right now.
im so glad to those yg understand the rejections,
but tis particular one, skeemaks.
mcm tk phm bahasee. -__-"

im lazy to take care of someone,
im lazy to entertain somebody else’s emo-ness.
(since my emoness pun dah takleh angkat)
i just wanna be free and not tied down to anything,
i don want to everytime report strength saner sini.
(go work, mus msg, go home, mus msg, go out, msg, eat, msg, go toilet msg, KIWAK! penat kapa!)
i don want to everytime use telef0ne until late night,
since i get cranky alot, n most of e time duwan tawk on the fone.

i duwan to busy myself thinking about somebody’s bday present.
i duwan to always have a "special" day of the week where i go out with someone, specially.
i want random outings. okay??? if 1 wk nvr mit wont die of AIDs what.
i wanna earn money. so no time for r/s (did i feature tis point above? yah i did. no harm 2nd time)
i duwan to always quarrel.
i duwan get jealous. its very unhealthy for my hair. cos i always get split ends. *pats hair*

whenever i go out wif GFs, i duwan to keep on holding on to my f0ne to reply to somebody’s sms-es.
(bcos i wanna concentrate on my gfs. its rude.)

but then sometimes i feel a tad lonely lor,
seeing couples so sweet here n there..
but when someone comes along, reject.
HAHAHAAH! klaka kapa. (not at all funny OKEH)
cannot make up my mind ah.


this person kip on smsing, calling. n i never pickup.
its time i seriously consider a change of number.

mane psychotic ex.
mane just a plain psycho..
which brings me back to my former question.
DO I REALLY jus attract this kind of ppl or what???
cant i attract decent people???
*sniffs sadly*
somemore live next bl0ck only, scary anot u tell me??

im considering off-ing my f0ne for afew days..
GOOD GAWD. WHEN IS PAYY??! i so need a new f0ne lor.
or, new number. -__-" i got plans for my pay..

"ur my type of girl.."
yah so??? give a thought on my part ah.
u my type mehh? (pls note that asfa doesnt noe what is her type anyways)

p/s: but even after all these, i guess its becos i like someone else.. *sigh* emo lah kan aku nie.

pp/s: everybody’s out today raya-ing.. T_T tmr anybody pls go out wif meeeee?? )): i need to get away from that psycho neighbour, off my ph0ne, and go home a different way from my usual route.
i dont do raya.. huhu~

click to enlarge.

i jus wanna put my pix 0kay? so shuddup.

CHECK THOSE EYEBAGS. yagagagaga~ whatever lorrr. -__-"

the welcome was f0r my blogspot’s sidebar DP.. but SO? I WANA USE HERE WHAT.
kan aku emo!!

i miss dumdum happymeal.. tho jsnw she came over. HAHAHAAH! had a blast laughing at people LAH. WTFF. nasib tak puase.

my lap boy-cat, Orange. he’s my boyfriend. oh thats me ofcos (cos he’s MINE), n my
favourite purple b0xers. -__-" which i’ve thr0wn away cant rmbr why.

-no comments-.. next pichur please.

ppp/s: I WANT MY HAPPYMEALS.. T_T (ch-ch-ch-check it out bel0www dawwg)

0kay. i noe so dark. so lazy to edit lah.

ms. vod muke ghairah kapaaaa~

picture perfect isn’t thisss??

HAIZZZ. when can we gather uppp together again?? T_T
TALK TO ME AFTER 9AM LAH BEBBS. nak ajak lepak pagi2 seyy.


3 thoughts on “MY LOVELIFE, WHY NOT?. u can skip this post pls. i jus need to rant rite nw!!!

  1. haven’t u heard of the saying, “birds of a feather flock together”? u noe why u get psychos:p?..haha..and endek!! kau emo?? emo?? haha..dulu ckp kau tak pernah emo..ler,tak kan pasal si 2 lelaki giler kau nak emo?..tak worth it seh..and “im so glad to those yg understand the rejectionS”..wah,brape byk poor souls have u rejected? stuff lah lu;)..
    and “p/s: but even after all these, i guess its becos i like someone else.. “..kan aku dah bilang kau,herwan sangkut ngan faj lah..move on lah eh;)..

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