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anyway. hari raya must w0rk.
and havent done any raya shopping.
i still dun have a suit.
i still havent kemas2. ):
i plan to. but im just so tired.

since saturday (tmr, YESSS! ) not working..
im gna spring clean. gaaaah~ what a dreary word.

and then g0tta scrub the bathroom too.

andd. thats all.
can u imagine.. 1st day raya & ur w0rking.. )’: u cant even wear ur raya suit
(i mean u can lah, but who wants to?? who’s g0nna seeeeee….)

but nvm. myb i’ll have fun i sp0se.

uhm.. at the place i w0rk, there’s this turkey kebob store..
aaaaand. i really2 wanna try it.. wanna buy it..
gaaaah~ mengidam seyy.. cos its right next to sweet talk where i always buy my milktea..
n i dun have enuf $$$ to buy. dammitt.

watchout ahhh. pay i buy all food!
mamposs kau.

k bye. get ready for w0rk nwww..
dunno what to wear ley..

w0rking no need uniform..
i dunno whether to laugh or cry..
pay oso must go shopping f0r new clothes..
cos im running out of them.

and gawd. i dun have sh0es..
so bye.


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