honey filled & all syruppy.

hello ladies & germs,

i would like to take this oppurtunity to apologize to you that i will not be updating that much because i am busy.

busy. you got that right babe!!

for the first time! EVAAARRR..

she’s usually blogging, surfing etc at h0me..
but now..

she’s got a JOB. (its training week, so everyday tis wk after school have to go to w0rk)


and then..
busy till i havent been in contact with my happymeals.

but nvm!
jsnw morning after sahur called darling purple. (bcos nv contact since last thursday)
she was asleep, but at least i called to tell im 0kay.
^^ & to send regards to bbgal & pink.
so whatever. when im free i’ll update.
theres l0ts to talk about.
i have a special notebook for e events. 😀

so sorry if i never reply sms cos my prepaid l0w (to whomever it may concern)
& if i dun call back means im n0t h0me (yes, i wun be cos im BUSYY!!  :D) or dun have any loose change on me for public ph0nes..
it doesnt mean im ignoring you or whatsoever.

gotta wait for e first pay (yay! a decent one pls!)

and i also wanna thank the sisters (strange tea & mystexile) for making up very nice meals for sahur & buka recently since mom is n0t around..

dat.. im excited to be busy actually. ^^
cos i havent been busy for a long time..
and that dis time, im actually working at e sameeeee place with 4 OF MY CLASSMATES!
how blardy fun lah kan.

but its just too bad cos i wanna meet lotsa group of friends & theres no time.
BUT before anyting hpns must hv $$$ first right?


so hold on dudes & dudettes! 😀
will be seein you peeple soon.

with much l0ve!;


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