my ex classmate, Nat (now sec 5)..
met up wif her & purple jsnw.
so they’ve been talking about this new dude that nat is going out with.

and purple has been like
"die handsome kaauuuu!"

so im very2 curiousx1000 to see how he looks like lah.
so finally today coincidentally went h0me wif purple..
so story2 lah skalie..

we went IMM all just walking/hanging around..
so nat sh0wed me this dude.. his nickname ayie..

(so they’ve been rambling abt ayie here.. ayie there & i still dunno how/who e heck is he. so therefore cant imagine him)


nat sh0wed me his picture.

& im like..

"eh. *stares at picture for a very long time*.. whats his name?"

purple: "ayie lah bodoh.."

me: "eh. tkkn mak bpk namekan ayie. mesti name bet0l ader kan slengz"

nat: "err.. haikal.."

*PING* *PIAK* *SLAP* DOOHSH* (to myself, in my brains. )

asfa: "omg! he’s my primary schmate!"

purple & nat: "……….."

hahahahahaah. what a super small world lor.

& hasina syg, if ur reading,
u do rmbr haikal don’t u?
he used to be same mly class as us.
he’s e "skinny" haikal we used to refer as.

and then nat was like..

"oooh, lastime2 u never liked him..?"

"no *looks horrified*" (cos he was so blardy kental juboh (smtg like extreme geekness) lah lastime. we all were lah ya allah!)

"ooohh… to you he not handsome mehh.."

me: "err. okay lah." (which is true.. 0kay2 jek. now den hands0me ahs. but i still keep on imagining him as pri.sch. hahahaah~ he wasnt ugly lastime oso lah. 0kay2 watever)


do i detect a note of.. annoyance in nat?
alah. must be my imagination. ^^

p/s: patience is a virtue asfa, don’t retaliate.


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