u have all the p0wer

mati ar kau asfa, bs0k g sk0la kene bully sak.

i look rounder right!! AGHHH!!

i temann-ed kyn to the HMV heeren go lo0k2 at e headf0nes there.
audio tech have new design!!
*fans self vigorously*

so anyways.
tmr g0t test seyys.

n tmr.. finis so lateeeeee.

i cnt wait to mit purple to upl0add pix!!! and videos too ofcosss.

k dah bye.
cara2 nk buat f0nesex.

firstly, go to the bathroom, close e door, count your pubic hair.

secondly, go to your mommas room, pickup e bloody f0ne (make sure its ur mommas room), press the number 9***1843.
if a human being picks up, say: "MUS MUS, MUSTAFA"

thirdly, put your mouth near to the mouthpiece and say "yooooo tgaaaaah buuaaaat apeeeeee" in a low tone, if u can gore or screamo, do it.

fourth: go back to your momma, pluck out 2 of her armpit hair, the more curl, the more sensation!!!!.

fifth: ikatlahh bulu itu di bawah hid0ng kamu, dan buatlah sound effect yang pat0t.. CHAOCHINCHAO.
Note: sambil berbuat sound effect, jgn lupalah, tep0k kelengkang selalu..

bertep0k tep0k kelengkang..
bertep0k jangan segaaan~

hasil karya:
bbgal happymeal
dum dum (purple) happymeal
applestar happymeal.
only missing fr0m production is: ms. vod (pinky) happymeal.
(this is what we do on the f0ne. tawk crapppp)

p/s: HAPPYMEAL SAYS WE HATE CT WAN KEMBANG/ YOU’RE A LIARR. bullshittttzzz ahkkk! narbeyy lanciao.


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