i love AFI for e moment. =D

kids nowadays, they’re striking to look at, right?
okay, nvm. why do i suddenly sound like somebody’s grandmother.

so jusnow,
my other school pants..

lemme tell u e story.

*rubs temples & closes eyes*

sucha stressful thing to happen to me, yet again.
everything is jus so testing-my-patience today. O_O

mirah & me wanted to go to e beauty lab,
e glass doors were closed.
so we pressed e doorbell.
saw watie inside walking twards us (glass doors)

we wanted to be abit more drama..
we pressed our palms & noses on the (glass doors) but me,
i just simply HAD to get even more drama & do s0me split tingy towards e floor..


my pants tore..

quickly my legs snapped back 2gdr and i screamed,
not the feminine & high pitched scream eithher,
sounded so manly & macho AGHHHH like that.
y e sound so ugly one. -__-"

and i was like..
"MIRAAAAHHH!! AGHHHH!!!! (rmbr e manly sound k) sluarr aku KOYAKK!!!"

and i was like jumping ard (infront of e [still] unopened glass doors) and screaming macho-ly (i tink cos i still have my sore throat, i hope.)

mirah: "mane mane? come come.. aku check.."
asfa: *getting hysterical & still jumping around lyk s0me pochong* "AGHHH!!!!! CMNE MIRAAH!! AGHHH!! PANJANG BODOHH KOYAK DIERR!! AGHHHH!!!"
mirah: *catches asfa by e shoulder* "OI! SINI AKU CHECK!!"
asfa: *whining softly about s0me words that sounded like sluar.. rabak.. koyak..*
mirah: "ehh. siak. besar bodoh. tu uh, kau nk drama sgt kan."

asfa: *in hysterics* "aghh!! beh cmne!!!! cherr!! *flapping at ms goh’s face* u got any needle & thread or pants??"
ms goh: "pens? i have…"
asfa: "no!! pantss P-A-N-T-S.." *pulls own pants to make a point*
ms goh: "ohhh no no. dun have dun have" *walks quickly away*

*froths at mouth*

okey nvm. not her fault.

so i walked around with my book at my arse.

and then.. so after my pants incident,
instead, go MLC play c0mputerr lah seyy.
wif yaya & iira.
was fun!
i mean, we kept laughing ahks..
about… s0me certain friendsterians.
i noe.. so mean..
and at bulan puase too!
BUT. just can help ourself..

tts y i say, i relli2 must consider living alone in e future during fasting months.
im affecting other ppl’s perfect fast with my stupid.. urges. -__-"

but they seem to enjoy it too. x)

so anyway.
then we separated at tanamera (still my book at my butt)
took train, alone..

finally at city hall s0me kind hearted soul decided to alight from the train,
so that seat is MINE.
i fell asleep (smre at glass panel.. myb.. i have s0me bad karma around glass material..)
when my st0p came.. i just w0ke up. so i was like standing up halfway (bending, trying to see which station, like s0me ape rite?) and i was like muttering to myself..

"ape ini station.. *squints & bends l0wer*, oh clementi! *rushes out of train*"

skali.. i left my book at my seat..
i rushed back in..
"SHIT my book!" (loudly yeaa ppl.)
*holds book dearly to bosoms & sprinted quickly out*
"YES!!" (loudly, yet again & acting almost like a sp0rtsman who won 1st/gold medal) when i managed to get out of e train safe, unscathed.


ppl were all staring.
but then, i was really still groggy.. thats y i was abit..

i mean. i really2 wasnt thinking too clearly.

so when i took e lift d0wn to the ticket concourse,
i was like giggling to myself thinking back what happened..

i dunno why these things happen to me. -_____-"


why cant i simply keep my emotions to myself ehk!! isit so hard, asfa??

okay. so maybe i should just like..
skip away now..

p/s: i really2 wanna an mp3. im gonna kip on whining abt it after every blogpost till i have enuf to get one. mamp0ss kau.

pp/s: yay! now everybody can c0mment entries. lol! sorry for n0t makin that possible before. i mean, im still stupid at LJ.. but im sl0wly learning. =D thanks mystexile! but everythings g0nna be screened (guess its better). i mean, im paranoid like that. -_-" even that inn0cent-lookin pakcik upstairs i get paranoid over. but he sure is creepy. lo0k at ppl like nv see b4. tsk. i hate starings. -__-"


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