everythings just wonderful, im having the time of my life..

these are my most precious (:                                    purple, me, bbgal, pinky. there ya go. pinky look so.. high?

stop smiling asfa. those fishballs. GOOD GAWD.*faints*

i absolutely loooooveee this picha.. ((: purple, pinky & me.

                                                                  dumdum, ella, endless?

it was raining… so…. bbgal’s missing, we were otw to her house. (:

                                           [tk snonoh bt0l kwn aku nie..]

rushed home ahkk.
that herwan, damn kanchiong me noe.

smre my prepaid left $0.02.
tkleh reply.

we wanted to mit up to do smtg for shidah bday tmr..
its nothin much (budget ahhkk kwn2, sorry shidah, but we love u all e same.. =D )< i noe, ur spose to say tat actually.

so i finis sch slitely later,
released bout 12.15pm. (sp0se to be 12pm)
tunggu bus number 2, mcm tunggu e day ur gonna die..
driver die goncang ahhh seyys.
damn sl0ww.

i like number 2 cos bus 31, e bust0p toooooo manyyyyyyyy sampahh sarap masyarakat.
so i don’t like.
nanti kene bully, MAMPOSSSSSS kau asfa.

so anyway. enough about my public transportation
(nobody gives a farrrk)

reached wc about 2pm. quickly ran to e telefone lahh
call dat bacin. -___-“
lucky he go off alrd.
if not, mampos kau asfa. tak hid0p lamer.

i nvr… buey, bubble, paitao or.. whatever else u call it..

dah biase da wan.
tep0k kelengkang ahkk. =p

so then lets fast forward,
met him at e bustop pasar..
took 282..
take train to cityhall.

then we  go sit at kfc to finish up e card..
wow. his efforts are awes0me. ^^
admire ’em very much.

then we had to take pix smre…
to put on e card..
so had to develop too at e kodak.. then
we sat at BK to cut e pix.. hahahaah..

so anyways.
then we go mccafe buy that “darn good brownie”.
dunno if its true to the name, pls review it to us yeaaa shidahh..

so then..
met up wif shidah finally,
sorry we’re late.

then sat at dunno what donuts place that is.
thanks shidah.
awesome donutz.

pretty short, cos shidah meetin her fwens after..
but i had a good time anyway.. =D

discussed & chatted alot.


so uhm.
ytd i worked.
e mgr ader s0me kinda anti-asfa campaign thingy goin on ahks.
stop being so farkin sarcastic ahh sial?
vibrate level 7 bt0l. (why vibrate? mcm vibrator gitu.. handphones kan can choose what level of vibration u want. mine stops at 7th level. hahahaha.)

kau akan ku suntik kan dick mu kepada mrt pole bagaikan tali kemesraan diantara kau & dia.
mamp0sss kau nanti.

next week dah puaseeeeee.
but cant have my chicken rice no more.. ):

not comin sch tmr.
relek2 at h0me.

mum gonna treat me satay tmr.

k bye.

p/s: tak tau maluu siOtt itu p0mpan! ADER KE PATOT die add aku pt fwenster???! lek sua, gi tep0k kelengkang kat satu kornar ahh duddeee. STRESS AH GUA. =p (mampos kau)


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