da da da.

Note to self: pleaseee to update blog wif central gig outing pix. to be st0len from allie‘s blog. thanks allie! in advance. hahahahaha =P
AND also to edit ’em when freetime too k asfa! woohoo!~

right now, in small biz mgmt class. we got nothing to do, so log on lah!
anyways, ytd right,
my ezlink finished again, so took 14 & 106 h0me. (bus concess mahs)

slept like pig in e bus.
2hr+ ride i swear.
so i ws reli pooped.
smre meetin p0nies & bbgal over to meh house.
purple reached my void deck alrd..
so sorry to make her wait.
hahahaha~ =p

bbgal came next..
then pinky.
(they came seprately cos they got oral exam. wish them well!)
that kinabo oso said she wanted to come..
but siaaaaak.
she cancelled.
(understand lah, cos she sch ite bed0k. then finis sch so late smre (5+?? i dunno.)

nevermind. i was looking forward cos longtime nv c her..
& she said she bringing “congkak” movie mahs (isit scary?? do share horr)

so yahhs.
then at nite..
after strange tea came home,
decided to shift to bbgal’s hse at pandan..
so we did. hahahahaah =p
her sister is friendly.
but… from physical abuse..
im thankful i dun own tat kinda sisters.

i would prolly have killed myself before PSLE.

but anyways.
so came home, used the comp (hahahahahhahaa. so addicting!)
and chatt chat chat, slept at 1am.
but still, im here today at school! a powerful feat. for me. i mean.

today, there’s a makeup artist dily wang coming to demo from 2pm-4pm.
im prolly looking forward to it. (:

and you know,
the anak cik roti jon cheese,
gave me frenster cmt say:
“ramai eh anti-asfa, nape sey?”


i so low profile still got ppl anti arhs.
alamak. mampos.

so still waitin for e reply.
myb he’s j0king. ^^

i cant wait to get h0me.
i plan to clear up s0me mess lah.
& myb keep my life organised & tracked.
(then ruin it again. TSK.)
gotta clean up my cl0set (clothes go where.. closet go where… )
then wash the fans (no air.. air.. [presentin to u chris br0wn & e dunno hu’s song “no air”] go youtube it.)
then i also wanna scrub the mirrors lah.
tsk. so filthy. cnt see reflection properly *fr0wns*

so yeaaah. (:
thats all…

i think i need to make some more lists.

k goodbye!

p/s: i love e army bag mystexile got for us! yay! so.. relaxed. O_O &&.. i wanna borrow strange tea’s paul something bag (was it paul _____??? enlighten me, pls.) gagagagagagaga ^^

[i wannerrr take pichasssss & camwhore agaaaaain. T_T] 

pp/s: i didnt shampoo todaaaay. so my hair is greasy *sobs* i feel like professor snape in harry potter!!! *sobs sobs* but somehow, being greasy, its very obedient too. O_O is that good? 

goodluck o level students! 😀


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