sweet seventeen. (:


thanks to all who wished me happy bday today!
via sms/friendster/face2face.

namely (in no particular order)
-lizah, my pink pony.
-wan ling my darling..
-aishah dearest ex colleague..
-hasina my BFF forever. (uhm, double e foreverr)
-the 3 witch sisters; Manis, Sara & Asra.
-Taufiq (wow! thx 4 e call hor!)
-Fa’izah a.k.a Fatty (to me) [thx 4 e call & sms! <33]
-Fizah kyn’s fwen..
-Sufiyana baby girl =D
-Kyn.. (:

and whoever else i didnt mention.. ((:
i thank you all so very much yeaah.

so anyway…
*flicks hair*

today simply sucks larh.

went home late..
thats e main point.
and its soooo sleepy a day fo me..

and then the chi girls had some fight with some donno what girl..
from e other class..

and i didnt even bother when nila make upped for me during AMU lesson (wasnt that bad, e previous time was worse)

u noe whats,
i noe what i want for my hari raya baju.
but uhhh..
without money & time. its a goner..

so yeahh..

thanks for e treat jsnw kyn.. ((:
love it lots y’know.

my prepaid is low again what the bloody hellssssssssssssss

i am so freaking tired now.


p/s: so sad dun have time to celebrate anytg.. tmr working (omg, jus the thot of it makes me feel faint) thursday ana coming over (so mus clean up a lil bit).. friday myb meeting darling ponies.. saturday / sunday. maybe meet up wif kak shid, wan2three, cik shahfie (watever, in simple words: ex colleagues), so either 1 of e days im free..
feeling  tis tired.. HAIZ. i dunno. ):

can collect pay tmr.
lotsa priorities..
-make up (running low. panicking. dead *poof* gone)
-ezlink bus concession.
-handphone prepaid.

HAIZ, i cant even decide which is more important!!!!
i hope my pay is enough..

so depressed nowadays..


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