i duncare which color i get, i just want this model la wtf.
remember our nebo project? wanna read all bout it? click here.. t’was a real good day.. uhms. & tis was what we looked like.. our disco night/retro partay!! click here… to read more.. (: stephy’s eyelashes.. =/ so unfair. yes. literally “breast” pocket.. is where i keep my hp.. LOL.. i look like i jus got raped la wtf (what i mean is; whats with the hair dudette!! me i mean..) & thats a chocolate dipped marshmallow.. =D stephy & me were gone crazy over it.. FUCK. i look so unpresentable la.. this is us.. we looked freaking drunk lah. but we were actually high on dancing!!! =D dancefloor was awesome.. will NEVER forget it..

asfa needs to learn to believe in herself. frankly speaking, everybody, you have to believe in urself.. a person dear to me told me that ur mind is a powerful thing.. so extremely powerful, that it decides the fate that you think u should expect.. if u dream of otherwise.. then believe in it.. & it will come true.. anyway, on entry today..

last sat, went to hassy whos’ aunt’s bday party wedding..
it was awessommmeee… ((:

the food,
was extremely well cooked!
i love it.. the taste.. extremely marvelous.
i wish i could throw in some french words of appreciation..
but i dunno any.
so yeahh.

and EH EH.
aku fake. HAHAHHA…~
abeh klaka seyys.

anyways.. i reli2 wna thank ms manis for that PRECIOUS ebook!
gonna share it wif whom deserve it.. =D

today school was fine.
i must wake up earlier wtf!

and uhh.
tmr gots no partner for AMU. ):

p/s: the asshole just smsed me a very heartwarming, touching & whatever warm feelings i may have felt.. TSK.. but i will not get back lah seys. ): hmpfs. i cant.. i jus simply cant.


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