ahh. ignore my expression OKEH.
sawadikaaaapp… i dunno what i was doing.. or.. must be.. the indian heritage in me.. O_O

kyn borrowed my scarf.. which is normally to strangle ppl.. this scarf has alot of history i can launch a book about it.. ^^ its practically a weapon.. on my part.
finally i a not-so constipated expression.. ^^ so proud of myself.

hmm.. i wish i didnt put tis up.. but i did..
must be my fayveret picha of all timeeeee..

ya i noe. so sad right… ): my face always take on the constipated expression when its not either smiling, laughing or crying. GAAAAAHHH~ sucha depressing ting to realize about..
looks like sunlight.. but u noe.. the marina steps there.. (towards esplanade) rmbr those BIG YELLOW “spot”lights? ^^

*says airily* ahh~ the clouds merely took on these shapes..
just kidding lah kental, the airforce made the shapes.. for NDP preview.. (such lucky P5 kids..)

this one i really HOPE i was trying to look constipated..
yessaaaa… aku professor.. ((:

was awesome fireworks.
must watch again.

p/s: i am in trouble. that is one part of the story to another life.

pp/s: sometimes, just stfu ok sucker.

SICK SICK SICK SICK.. FUCKING SICK & PISSED. mcm stupid fuck betol lar. & when im pissed, i usually dont mean what i say. i mean there are the usual “fuck u, go & die lah cheebye, ur granma tis that etcetc..” but then.. theres also the.. “nvm, its ok..” which is far more serious than askin granma to die or whatever etc etc.


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