i thot kyn looked so cute here.. ^^
O_O awwwww… so sweett…

only the first day and my temper is getting shorter.


mondays & tuesdays 9am-6bloodyPM.

wearing those bloody specs more out of habit than anything else..
feel naked without ’em. O_O
ahh. dont comment on this phrases 0kay.
or im gonna shoot u dead

in the morning,
we got some nebo project thingy..
where we did facials & services for the elderly..
went very well!

ahh. i was just a helper..
but it was sooo worth it cos we helpers were of use as well OKAY.
we did hand massages.. we helped the therapists.. etc2.. PLUS
we got free shirt! (bearing the nebo logo ofcos what the…)
i like the shirt alot.. ahh.. but its.. it bears that logo..
what if i wear it & somebody random thinks im a volunteer there?
=/ & asks for help or whatever these ppl do at awkward moments.

so anyways…
the food/lunch (watever t’was called)
was… *gags*
i noe its for elderly.
wait till im elderly!!! I WILL STILL BE DRINKING 2 BOTTLES OF PEPSI I TELL U. (mcm phm)

mum is an elderly..
& she’s still loving all that sweet stuff..
she wouldnt have enjoyed that nebo project, i can promise you that..
ahh~ her taste.. is hard to please.. but uhm. anyways.
whatever it is. thats over & done with.
it was TIRING.
& it’s aired on TV jusnw 10pm. (i didnt catch it tho, teacher sms-ed us..)

so after nebo..
went to classes..
teachers not that bad..
classmates are fine (mostly anyway)..
feels a tad lonely without the others (we’re now separated in certain classes due to choices of make up or body massage modules) ahh~

but yes.

after classes accompanied nila & leana to buy contact lens..
& then kyn smsed that she finished her project & lets go teman her buy her shoes at FEP.
so i agreed. ^^

(i wouldnt be caught dead at town wearing school uniform, i’d die of shame & humiliation of being called a chef or a nurse & being stared at by the public in determining from which course do i come from.)

so yeah!
good for u kyn for tt shoe..
& uhh~

yups. (:

p/s: why do things have a slow effect on me.. why do they always burst out of me when im least expecting it.. why? but im just a proud person. . i really don’t want anybody to sympathize. i hate it. i despise that feeling. . why is there even a confusion?? cant anything have a straight road at all? i just wish some things are straight forward. . i also wish i didnt have any feelings, like a stone. i am neither heartbroken nor in love. so what am i again?? hmms. just when things are going smoothly.. i dunno why i feel murderous when i see that. TSK.

pp/s: and i especially miss what is rightfully mine.. ): i miss what i relied on most that used to make me happy.. its making everything worse.. everything.. desire something so badly.


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