GET SMART is excellent. =D
so funny!

ytd luckily fiq nv get lost lor picking me up.


(actually he was lost, die tak nak admit je..)

wanted to watch at cathay cine first2..
budden.. uhms..
sold out sey. ):

so had to watch at lido.

*hides cramp expression*

ahh. lido not bad lahh.
so classic a theater..
*cramp face*


bought tix for 5.30pm show..
(oh, sorry, t’was 6.30pm show.. not 5.30)
we ate ate at ljs..

thx 4 d treat hor fiq.

so yups.
after that go home lor.
cos i had to pickup mom.

overall was a very nice day. ^^

once school start.
i got not much time..
ahh well~


p/s: i love my dress no matter how pregnant it may look. =p BLOOEK UHH FIQ. thanks so much 4 calling me pregnant. was music to my ears man..


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