ahhhh~ today ahhs?
was extremely fun. =D

in my opinion ofcourse.

met up wif kyn at round 12.45 (was late. wtf. yes, as always. so sorry.. 12+ isnt even the time im awake yet.. O_O)

then went to workplace.
(u noe what the occasion is)

&& then..

mom would kill me if she finds out
=D (i dunno what that smiley is for, cos its not a happy thot at all)

not really gonna elaborate 2 u what i bought,
will SHOW YA s0metime!

but anw, thanks fr such an awesome day kyn. ^^

FEP BACK (tts where the last & final purhchase was. a dress.)

love the new orgasmic bag.
i have orgasms just by thinking/looking at it right NOW, beside me. ^^

mom would kill me if she found out.
i will be dead sooner or later,
but it’d be worth it.

i miss sisters gathering. ):
i miss ms. manis.
& her coffee.

ahh.. shoes nextime..
i need a haircut. -__-” sighs. wtf.
i need a hair session. stupid me, didnt leave much for those. wtf.


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