disco night was absolutely cool!
yea i noe i said im nt coming but i went OKAY.

so i didnt wanna come..
in the morning when i woke up, (not morning lah wtf, t’was like 12.30pm)
there were like 7 missed calls and 6 smses.

missed calls from dear friend.
and 5 smses containing the SAME MSG.
and the extra 1 msg, is from dilah asking if i could meet her today
(we planned to, y’know.)

now. so the 5 smses basically said that:
-the disco night attendance is compulsory
-those who didnt attend will be punished.

ya allah.

i was like debating against myself

so what if i get punished?.. aiyah, what punishment… ): so lazy to go.,. but might be fun.. i dunno if theres anything retro enuf in my wardrobe.. oh, myb there is.. ahh shucks. what does retro look like anyway??

& then *click*
went my brain.

i need the computer.

haha! yes yes.
its so funny i rely on the comp so much. -__-“
so i googgled “retro fashion” for images.

out came this:

i was like.
wtf. so thats retro!
ok. i know, what kinda loser am i. -__-“
as long as its polkadots darling, ur retro.

just imagine if the word “retro” was a vulgar word..
u see some bitch in polkadots & go..
“u fucken retro!” or..
“ohmygod! didja see that?! that RETRO of a woman!” O_O
sssso cool.
(ahh. dun mind me, just random thots..)

SHUDDUP YOU RETRO. *raises eyebrows*

so anyway.
i called stephy my dumpling
met her at buangkok.

and when at farrer park,
the chinese version on the speaker went
“pala pun yehh”
it sounded disturbingly like that.

go board a NEL train today.

& oh boy!!
stephy was GORGEOUSS. ^^

i felt like a frump.
(just a dress & borrowed asra’s adorable turqoise cardigan just to cover up incase y’know…. i get raped in the broad daylight)

so yups.
then that stupid buangkok of a place doesn’t have any halal foodplaces lah KNNCCB.

i was STARVING by the time. -__-“

sooooo pissed at the place ok. stupid buangkok (another choice of vulgar word hehehe)


so anyway.
met the other 2 (nila & sheena)
at cityhall.
and there was mirah too.
she’s a dancer.. i thot she’s sposed to b early?
truth is… she’s late.

im supposed to be 1 of the dancers too..
but yeah. i backed out. (cos it just seemed too troublesome)

then we journeyed all the way to pasir ris..

so fucking hungry..
when reached,
we quickly went to (dunno what) mall
& rushed to kfc..
iira & mirah went off first
(cos they’re dancers. can u imagine hw grumpy i’d be if i were a dancer??)

zinger & cheesefries.
so heavenly….


after eating..
went to the chalet lor.
took cab..

ahhh. so thats how a chalet looks like.

so cool.
some were overnighting.

the woman would flip if i said i overnight.
she’d think i’m a prostitute sleeping at geylang & has an uneartly hour client.
(dear woman, if i were that word, i’d have been rolling with money okay, not struggling just to top up $5 for my ezlink)
(besides, does anyone actually have sex beyond 1am? ahh. dun mind me. jus a random thot)

enough about prostitutes, sex and such.

we lounged around the chalet..
(a nice quiet one..)

all girls. cos im in beauty therapy..

all looked so fresh & pretty. ^^ (do i sound like a pervert? =/ )

so yeah. then the others had to make up dance steps.
izzy supposed to come but he had something on i think..
so we made up ourselves.
i wasnt in it.. tho i still danced. hehs~
i took pichurs. (ahem* photographer youuuu)

so they practiced & practised..
it was so nice 2 c my lovely classmates again..
the song was retro though..
so t’was hard..

they finally decided on moulin rouge’s donno wat song.
but i think its the soundtrack.

ahh. sexy man!

there were lotsa karaokes..
dancing before nighttime.
not yet real performance yets.
but it was all so enjoyable.

aku rase aku dance lebih byk dpd mkn la seyys.
so when went home, mcm lapar pun ader.
but takper takper.. diet..

the real thing started at bout 8.30pm.
first the dance performance..
(clicking away madly with the camera phones & digicams)
and then cutting of june & july bday girls cake.. (i was too full at tt moment, i couldnt stuff in anything else)

and then awards of who looked most retro.. & im so proud to say that sheena won first prize!!! yippeeee! ((:

& then we continued disco-ing.. LOL.
so fun.
untuk sesape yg tak have fun tu kan.
aku benar2 kesiankan lah.
mcm sedih gitu.. pdhl event die sgt2 lah syiOk..
aku tak terangkat sey.

banyak yg tak join in.
cume kite2 je yg dancefloor.
yang lain tengokkan kite..
pastu muke cramp.. mcm nk ckp kite mepek gitu la kan.

da tak tau buat bende happy sudahlah..
tkya nk muke cmtu per.

but anyway.
sape kesahlah kan?
janji kite sume bergembira dari hati ke hatiiiiii

i moved ooff from the place at bout 10pm..
reach home..
the woman said

“party kau lmbt eh abis? bagos betol cikgu kau..”
wahlao.. she tk believe aku siak.

die nak party yg balek siang,
zaman primary school aje lah.
wahlaowei. & tis is chalet, at pasir ris.. dah pergi jauh2 beh nak balik siang wadpe siaaaaak. da bagos aku tk overnite!!! eeeee geramnyeeeee!!

PKM betol

die recently asik nak carik psl ngn aku jek.
aku bingit arhh.
dunno what the fuck is her problem siak.

p/s: too bad if some were narrow-minded & bitter ppl. -_-” stupid bitch.

pp/s: still awaiting those amazing pictures we took. =D

ppp/s: i wanna be a mermaid. book im reading: “Sleeping with the fishes” by Mary Janice Davidson. (:


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