that stupid cup of hot chocolate kyn concocted from 7-11. TSK. so tawar ok kyn. pakai machine pun susah ke? =P

we had about a d0zen of big gulps today.. LAWL. t’was just sooo addicting.

i l0veeeee that tuna puff from 7-11.. I LOVE TUNA. =D

ran out of creative ideas.. (cmne nak jadi model…)

l0ve cheekeen cho muchh.
siape nie asik call call.. oh.. fiq. HAHAHAHA.. tklah! JK YEAH. =P

uhm. duyung??? true to the name maaah. alermakz u all.

i lo0k like michael jackson’s little sister or something. -___-“

wearing the other blind girl’s shades.. i tink i lo0k like a lalat..

cheywah member muke cramp seyy.

here comes the blind girl.. =P

the blind patients..

mcm cute kan!!!
ya allah. my shades.. da mcm orang buta pakai seys. isn’t mine. i SWEAR.

ahhh! my face! O_O damn stim lah.
yes. those shoes nearly killed me. so vain right.. mati2 tnk pakai slipper. wtf. stupid asfa.

we dunno where were we… seriously.

oooh. i l0ve tis pichaaa =D somehows. damn artistic laaaaa.. aku buat deviantart baru tau ehh.. HAHAHAHAH… mcm phm la.

-imagines caption- “serious kyn? thats disgusting..”


=D thats me with kyn’s roti john cheese.. so adorable right… i mean the roti john cheese. HAHAHA. MCM PHM.
oOps. sorry ah. baru nk set auto time.. but.. forgot to do it..
AHH. ADVERTISEMENT. the roti john cheese.. contact me for more information!
uhm. eating roti john cheese outside of the harbourfront mrt stn like criminals in hiding..
while waiting nasi ayam penyets l0ading..
while waiting for our nasi ayam penyettzz. uhm. candid lah obviously, u wont c me purp0sely making my mouth like that at the camera right.

took me about 10 and a half years to upload all these pics up 0kays.

so today!?
it was awesome.

first2.. met up at 1.45 lidats.. (uhmm. *guilty face*)
at the pasar there..
then we went to infront of my bl0ck..
ordered the nasi ayam penyets.. =D

while waiting, we took pictures. =D
as usual.
uhm. and then..
rushed to the okaki kopishop beside sheng siong,
and ordered 2 sets of that OHMYBALLS awesome roti john cheese..
1 set each.

and then, rushed to (bcos kyn forgot to bring) waterbottles!
i brought mine though.

and now, lemme tell u this..
i forgot to bring extra underwear okay..
so u noe what happened?
had to wear them back lah bodo.
stress okay.

and then. both of us forgot bring plastic bags too..
but i had my nasi lemak plastic bag.. so i used that.
had to ask ppl for kyn’s plastic bag. (i asked btw..)

so yeahs.
after waterbottles..
took 143 to harbourfront.

in the bus,
got some PKM nye tanglin sec babies (bukan bangsa kite).
masih underaged. not even 16 yet lah ya allah..

since kyn & me hungry,
we ate our OHMYBALLS extremely good roti john cheeses.
and you know what one girl tanglin infant said?

no eating no drinking

die nak kene kan kite lah tu..

abeh kyn da rase guilty. alamak.
weak ah member.
aku ape kesah eh.. nak makan, makan aje. -__-“
so i continued eating..

then the stupid fuck said again

bapak die gile ah.

fucking irritating lah okay.
if i retorted.. later she got something to say mah.
so if i continued eating, die sakit hati sendiri kan? =D

only twice the stupid fuck commented..
orang tak kacau die, die nak kacau orang.. alermak..
skali aku rogol kang, tak terkacau lagi..

so i stopped eating when there’s left only 2 cheeses in my plastic.
we alighted at harbourfront, and ate at the station..
infront of the lift.
facing the road.. (so everyone in the bus driving past can see us clearly.)
not like we’re committing any crimes. -__-“
just harmless eating..

and then while eating, we auto-timed the sony ericsson kyn’s little brother SO VERY KINDLY lent us.. *a surge of gratitude*

(not very like little brothers at all isn’t it? usually
those kids are twats & prefer to be irritating
rather than kindly)

so yeah. after taking pictures & after eating,
we journeyed on to vivocity..
to board the monorail =D

we didnt know what we’re supposed to do,
but i had a pretty good idea becos i went once wif sara..

so we bought our $3 tickets at the very last storey of vivo.
kyn gagap la seyys..
i forgot what she said.. but it was hell funny mann..

budak2 yg keje sentosa sume mcm good-looking gitu..
so kyn & me were like oggling at them.


why is asfa like that.

in the monorail..
we very the jakun lah.
when ppl all looking outside the window,
kyn & me quickly snapped shots of ourselves..

if not we very shy youuu..

& then. our main beach we wanted to go to was,
the palawan beach 0kay, kawan-kawan??

but since kite kan mcm first-timers..
we dunno where to go…

kyn: nak naik tram?
asf: tram die free eh?
kyn: a’ah lah!
asf: u sure ah?
kyn: abeh??? cpt lah! *pulls me running towards said tram*

ya allah. why lah asfa like that…

shuddup you.

in the tram..
since i wearing skirt,
and the sun was shining brightly,
my ass got momentarily burnt.

but nvm.
got that goodlooking person to oggle at.
mcm phm.

i was sitting at the side where got sun..
alamaaaaaaakkkkkk… *tries to shake off memory*
painful, i tell you.

we wanted to go palawan beach,
we bodo, we took the tram towards siloso beach.
not knowing that palawan beach is at the other side..
so we walked around like lost souls at siloso..

asf: mane seyy palawan..
kyn: entah.. kite try jalan sini ahh..
asf: jauh seyyyy palawan…
kyn: …..
asf: ahhhh.. panas seyyyy…
kyn: …..

some more my shoes were killing me.
i dont have pretty slippers.
nextime i will be more practical & just wear watever roti prata slippers i have. hmpfs.

since we couldnt find palawan,
we changed at the siloso toilet.
to shirt & shorts.

everybody else were wearing bikinis, i assure u.
i guess sentosa isnt my kinda place..
they kept looking at us with a kind of expression which says:

“deni ape eyy.. pakai tutup2..”

but kebanyakan, krg2 tau lah.
bukan bang(fang)sa(fa) ki(fi)ter(fer). (hahahahah)

so nasib kami lahhs.
time da lost dekat siloso tu,
naik tram balik.

dlm tram pulak,
ader bikini beb ni,
pakai denim hotpants,
sunhat turqoise (aku suke sunhat die!! i want!!) & shades..
time kite naik, stare2 org semcm sakkk.
rogol kang harrr.
scared nanti..

pastu da stop, kite merayau-rayau dekat2 ngn ticketing nye tmpt,
beh i suddenly rmbrd,
sara dulu jln the other way,
so we tried there la.


so there we were,
palawan beach.

the problem was,
finding a place to call our spot.
so we had to merayau-rayau lagiiii…

we crossed the bridge (oh, y’know, that bridge)
and then settled ourselves on a spot,
and since were very hungry,
ate our nasi ayam penyets.
ahh. so delicious.
but i thot the sambal was a little different..

after that,
cam-hoed again.. =D

kyn look at clouds; emo.
kyn look at sand; emo.
kyn look at water; emo.
everything she look at emo,
apa daaaa.

so then we berendam mcm badak in the sea water.
b4 i went off mum alrd said
“kau jgn mandi eh cha eh!”

TSK.wats the point of gg to the beach if not berendam! -__-“
so i retorted
“*whines* nak mandi! mak doakan je k! bye!”
& then quickly closed the door & rushed away.

we berendam for like what? 2-3hrs?
thats my first time being in the sun,
bare OKAY.
& yup, there were skin reactions la kawan-kawan..

as i’ve told u before,
im not chums with the sun..
i scuttle to shady areas
& basically just avoid it.
so yup.
i turned red so fast within those hours..

but the water was sooooooo lovely.. ^^


we got out..
(kyn wanted to get out. me, for the first time, wanted to stay for as long as i could wtf)

what was stopping kyn was,
she was thirsty.
TSK.spoil uh. =p

so we mandi-ed in the toilet..
when i was showering oso she cn say cute.. (ya allah…)
she need glasses of a 1000degrees.

then went 7-11.. =D
i bought my favourite tuna puffssss (yays!)
& we planned to eat my nasi lemak i brought from home..
couldnt find anywhere..
so kyn suggested we go vivo.
(i as usual, wanna go town. but i have a sneaky suspicion she’s sick of it.)
so went vivo..

& again, oggled at the goodlooking person there…

-why laaaa asfa like that-

& then we ate at the rooftop =D
so the romantic laaa.
i gave her all of the nasi lemak.
i finished my puffs.

& then went window shopping..
kyn & me are planning to shop.
*wide toothy smile*

& its soooo exciting a thought..

we went to topshop, river island, forever 21, pull & bear, mcm2 lah kan ader pat vivo tu.

& we decided on things we wanna get.
(not telling you. surprise.. for ourselves)

after that,
went 7-11.
got thirsty again.
tried the hot chocolate..

kyn can even struggle with a machine..
(lainlah to make the hot chocolate manually, aku paham)

so it was so tawar..

& so after that we headed home, bout 9.30pm via train.
we thot of going to kent ridge park to explore..
but it was already late..
later that woman will scream at me..
(aku balik sblom 12 pun die bising2.. SHEESH~ tk phm betol la..)

so yups..
it was soooo very tiring.. (:


never underestimate fun between 2 ppl.
(lain mcm eh, TSK. not that fun! this fun!)
doesnt mean u can have fun at the beach only in groups yea! ((:

p/s: for the moment i feel so damn minah, i wanna blog in malay. BLOOEK. sorry for any inconvenience caused. +D

pp/s: thanks for reading. if you did, at all. =D


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