typical singaporeans

tis one looks sooo sweet. ^^

LOVE TIS SHOT. shall call it “time” BECOS, of the mon, tue & thu thang.. tsk! IM NO ARTISTICALLY CHALLENED FELLER OKAY. tsk. 0k. i admit lar wahlao, t’was accident of a shot. -___-” HAPPY?
dunno wat was i doing.. *shamefaced*

i told u that stupid make up makes me look tan. -_-” now,,, lookie here,, w/o that stupid make up i bought my life with, my real color is zat up there 0kay. im not dark.. ): *sobs hysterically*

today accompanied kyn last minute..
go IMM. cos she was soo frikken bored..

on the phone she sounded panicky & rushing,
so i just agreed to go becos she sounded panicky & rushing.
so we met up.

& it was nice!
kyn is soooo funny. i cant tell u how she made me laugh 0kay.
i love her class t-shirt. ):
it has “kyno” on it.

i want one too.
with MY name on.
its sooo nice, the logo.. the colour.. (and its dry-fit material ok wtf, so comfy!)

oh yeah! simply gotta tel ya this.
while we at cineleisure’s famous amos there,
i had ordered my 6pc brownie set & have gotten it.
so i stood by.
behind kyn,
was this chinese couple.
i never looked at her becos why should i right?

outta the corner of my eyes,
i saw her looking me up & down,
(she was speaking mandarin w the bf b4 that.)
& then after staring me up down left right centre,
she said “typical singaporean” & smirked.


i dunno whether she was referring to me or not,
but it still affected me bcos she said it right after staring me.
why would she stare me & then said that fiona xie was a typical singaporean right?
(almost like me asking you “have u eaten?” & then u saying back “my rabbit is dying”) TOTALLY NO LINK ONE LOR.

must’ve been me.
what the…. *froths at mouth*

what did i do to her to deserve such a comment.
(then she? so unique & stand-out-from-the-crowd mehhs? relek sua!)


nevermind bitch,
mind your karma.
i hope one day ur naked photo will be circulated around the net.
(in which i’ll print it out & buy lotsa stamps & mail it all over the world, serves u right. hmppffs)

in which i dont tink i can manage at all bcos im very bad at recognizing faces & remembering names.
(luckily my name is so short, im stuck wif it. no need to rmbr other nicknames.)

so disturbing ok!

i also wanna share with u that,
this morning,
i don’t know what i was dreaming about..
i was laughing & smiling in the dream,
somehow i woke up (still smiling widely like an idiot.)
and facing mum’s face.
she was looking at me like as if i was posessed or something
[kinda worried].

i was really 3/4 asleep.
so i sorta assured her im fine by turning the other way & snoring again
[yes. i snore. so don’t marry me].


y do i have to humiliate myself even when im sleeping.
arent my train ride chronicles enough?

so anyway.
dilah asked me out with syak.
i dont think so. =/
my money’s all finished.
and i gotta lotsa books to read. ^^
so im kinda fine.. the only ting im lacking is..
lovely food, snacks & drinks. ):

till school reopen. im gonna recuperate at home.
& try to stay home. ^^

we’ll see.

guess thats all. will add more if i rembr.

p/s: can somebody please be caring enough & bring me go buy some BK )): i am such a pitiful poor girl now. AND hungry. i promise it’ll be student price 😀


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