we took totally meaningless pictures today.
i don’t know why.

its either we were tryin to be artistic..
or… we are just handicapped. (artistically challenged ppl)

so i’ll just put up all these crap.
for memories.
yes yes.
i noe. so useless. -__-“

if i were to sign up for deviantart & posted up these kinda pix,
my account would barely last for 2hours.
& then they’d cancel it.
saying i should post up in photobucket instead.

well anyway.
i noela i kip wearing nothing but black lyk sumbody died & im in mourning or sumfin.

i so need colours in my life now.

i had fun today.
that youthpark tingayy.
was 0kay i suppose..
got goodie bag!
(& u noe how cheapo i am. ^^)

will update more tmr! HAHA.
busy youtubing lar.

p/s: how come madonna still looks good lah wtf. she’s a granma’s age.


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