about me. bcos i say so.

Hello losers.
i am so lazy to bath.
yes. i have not bathed yet.
mama never said antg.
she has given up.

i am so lazy to continue my revamping.
cos gawd,
its such a lazy day today.

check out that sun.
lovely day to go out.
but im still at home becos,
god knows why~

its a lovely day for a picnic.

ahh… food..
i want some of that roti john cheese frm that western makcik.
$2.80 je uuu…

sara introduced to me.
& im hooked.
now i have a reason to be fat.

i have the urge to blog..
but dunno about what..
lets talk about…

hmm. entertainment.

whats your kinda entertainment?

my form of entertainment..
=> books.
=>friends; storytelling/sharing.
=>occasional cinema trips. (sometimes weekly)

i dont watch tv.
i love reading & can spend my whole day cooped up at home with a good book.
im fond of fantasy. (: ones with dragons, witches, magic & etc.
(but im fine with any other genres)
reading lets ur imagination run & so u can picture things very well in ur minds eye.

even as a kid, i dont watch tv. i’d play with my toys erm.. usin my imagination.. HAAAA..

i also love to listen. (hence the radio & music) not much to elaborate here..

i also love hanging around.
especially with fun people.
i cannot live without humor.
ok, fine. i noe i look so god damn serious & arrogant laaa.. but really.. i love to laugh ((:
i choose to hang round those who are mischievous, funny, fun & young at heart no matter how old.
i love being stupid & doing stupid things.
so yups. childish is the word..
(i dun waste time on matured ppl who scorn at us)

on the computer..
what do i do?
i spend 3/4 of my day on the computer..
i bloghop.
yes, bloghop.

all blogs i read are interesting to me.
ones that are full of humor are the best, obviously.
& while these entertainments are running, munchies & drinks must be at hand.
bcos im a foodie at heart
(hence, the weight & size)

seriously laaaa.
theres nothing to blog about.
SO YEAH. bye.


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