her blood. ask me why.
kit kat! kit kat is affectionate to dilah — believe it or NOT. im surprised! kit is usually hiding! but.. umm… (: she likes dilah alot. wonder why… *ponders*
i noe.. i noe.. wat a frikken dirty mirror..
whatever we cud get our hands on..
orange lounging around…
umm. no comments-
guess who!! & check that! cameo appearance of miu miu at the back!
u got it babe!

some act cuter we saw on friendster… jus imitating..
yes. my non existant tongue..

that girl again…
dunno wats the point.. but yes..

the lovable & mild monkey.
the not-so-lovable & wild monkey..
mumsy… help me… )): check that — the hands.. not reli coordinated r they..
very hard shot!
pretending the snakes’ gonna bite her.
the bunny..
alamak. my hand wrong way.. TSK. could’ve been better.
blowing the candle..

just testing..

the make up i went to xchange?
totally my fault.
gonna give it a try once more..
of not, she’ll mix me the right concoction..


i bought smre cleansing milk…
the bio essence one stings my face.. ):
not gentle at all.. (tho it says so)
& i bought facial scrub… ((:
the one the artist told me about.
yippee. a total of $19.

that watsons girl was so nice.
she smiled at me very widely.
or was she laughin at me?
or maybe im paranoid???? =/

t’was fun hanging round wit d!
as u can see lor.

not much today.

tis uptown girl skin is firefox friendly..
YIPPEEEEE… like finally larh.


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