You people!!! im sorry!!!
im sorry!!!

as i was puttin in the blog template codes,,
i closed my notepad in which i put in all the links & important details!!
(& sommore clicked NO to saving changes la wtffff!!! wats wrong w me!!!)
(was supposed to close the blog codes notepad, but AIYAH)
im sorry,
if i have not linked u,
(the ones i linked were ones based on my tagboard.)
leave me a message ok? PLEASE.

because im not sure if i have it all.
it’s supposed to be longerrrrr..

wtf lah.

& ontop of that.
this isnt really the blogskin i wanna settle in.

i lost ALL my precious links!!!!
(the ones of other sites……………………..)
& my bookmarks.. i cant seem to bookmark.
i dunno y the fuck so…


sucky sucky sucky.

today have to go exchange makeup…
who said i wanna look tan!!!
fuck u.


p/s: i am so sad i lost ALL my precious links.
bcause i dun have bookmark. ): i relied on my links. wtf can anort????????


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