i have officially round fishball cheeks.
i have officially gained weight.
and where do i gain ’em?
my cheeks.
dont ask me lar wtf.
stop pressuring me. -___-“
can u just say im skinny?
i dont care if ur lying.
cos i noe ur lying la wtf ok u chipmunk cheek.

and then and then..
my hair.
ZOMG ok.
im lookin more & more like a gorilla day by day instead of a BEAUTY THERAPY STUDENT.
*sobs hysterically*
NEFURMIND. somedayyy… somedayy…

and then.
the makeup i bought.
who said i wanted to look tan!!!!!!!!!
*gets ready to jump down from 21st storey*

ok. thanks for reading my bimbo part.
move on to today’s happenings;

went out wit iira (((:
but im sorry,
there’re no pictures.
i promise fresh ones soon ok.

so yups.
went towning with her.
started out awkward laaa.
cos first time outing w each other only, (like first date lidat laar)
but aftr awhile was fine laa…

first2 asked her to meet me at orchard station.
we both did reach our desired destinations (yes, orchard)
finding each other was like finding pathway to heaven can anot!!!!


both talk tamil sia.
i told her from orchard station (got 2 openings right? one to orchard boulevard, the oth to scotts rd)
dunno where she come from lah.
but she arrived at TANGS.
which is across.
i meant wisma atria.
but NOOOO…

little miss smartypants go to Tangs there la wtf.

so spent about 1/2hr – 45minutes to find ea other.
i am not even gonna elaborate abt it.
bcos it is so goddamn depressing to think abt.

when she was underground,
i look for her above ground laaaaa…

communication bluetooth infrared singtel satellite all OFF la siak today.

after that precious minutes of finding iira like finding a lost hamster,
we went off to jalan2 at FEP.
i beg ur pardon.
first2, as usual (ahem)
went toilet laaaa.. touch up2 uuu…

THEN we went to FEP.
(upon reaching, another toilet break lah wtf ok)

then hung around looking like lost souls..

ended up we lepaked at esplanade..
i noe. felt sooooooo typical.
but sooooo good.
cos not many YPs around (young people)

so we chatted & chatted.
she so talkative laaa. very nice ^^

not much happening.
aft that we went peninsula.
ok. stupid lah kan we all.
t’was closed.
& bcos u noe peninsula’s reputation lah right..
(place for psssstttt: skinheads & all…)
upon entering,
we prayed silently (me, under my breath)

[like going war lidat la ok!]

but no point in all those bcos.
no more kids.
no more stores open.

yek eleh….

then aft penin..
went buy fish zinger meal chg to chzfries
(burger for mum, chzfries for me)
ate my fries at some secluded carpark corner of the goodwood park.
(mcm nk uat ape je..)

then aft that…
slowly walked to mrt…
& went out separate ways..

always at the mrt lah my life,
like i said.. everybody enjoys ruining,
i oso dunno why.
maybe they think i look like i deserve to die suffocating.

but anyway.
so i was on the train towards boon lay (green line duh)
so there i was..
on my usual spot (the glass panel laaar, i swear i am disliking the glass panel spot day by day).. lookin innocent..

when some plump china dude decided to breath in my face..
(yes, yet again. wtfh)

so after door close,
there he was… (yes, i noe theres a crowd, but do u have to breath with ur mouth RIGHT at my face?)
then skalie he yawn..

the smell wafted pass my nose..
(can u imagine a cartoon green vapor eg. poisonous gases in cartoons slinking past u?)
and thats the first time i died.
so i turned to my left to avoid anymore poisonous gases,
so that i dun have to suffer a painful & premature death.

to my left,
was an indian lady..
& she chose that moment to yawn at my face lah wahlaoweii!!!!

wats going on..
what with to her left a apek digging his nose so syiOk..
WHY??? WHY MUST THE PPL AROUND ME BE SOOOO PAINFUL & make my public transport routines sooooooooooooo miserable??

can i prettyplease have a chaffeur then?
(& btw, isit just me or does everybody have these kinda experiences?)

then after afew stops..
china mouth breather decided to alight.
so i was free to breath fresh air again..
the heavens say i am not allowed to have peaceful train rides.

so in came 4 banglas..
and one of them..
decided to air his armpits at my face..
can somebody please introduce the word deodarant to these ppl?

to save ppl like MEEEEEEE from these kinda premature deaths..
was the 3rd time i died in the same train.
barely after i had 2 seconds of peace & clean & greens..

so i looked down alllllllll throughout the train ride..
then a angmoh with a big harversack..
& i meaaaaan BIG..
decided he’d love to give a complimentry smack to my face with his wonderful dora the explorer bag. (smacking other ppl along the way. so it wasnt exactly unfair.)
so i had it.
free of charge.
we all had it.

so that..
was the 4th time i died (with no peace moments at all).. in the same train…
i know… how tragic train rides can be..

especially if ur this small.

i dunno why.
but god.
the train ride seemed to take so long.
i think they’re doin that on purpose (arent u mister driver??!)
they’re enjoying my misery.

clementi came soooooooo loooonngggg…
aftr it did.
i quickly alighted & walked as fast as i could towards the escalator down.

infront of me..
a bunch of banglas..
one of ’em..
wearing yellow sleeveless shirt…
digged his butt (suppose he got a wedgie..)
& then.. his armpits seemed itchy..
so he scratched ’em..

is nevermind..
but he smelled his fingers after doin so…
THAT is a nevermind also..

but he decided, he got lovely armpits & lifted his arms up & smelt ’em.
(just for 2 seconds, i counted)
& behind him.
i nearly fainted lah wahlao.


i noe. this post is so goddamned sick.
but i HAD to post these Unthinkable happenings!
they seem fake! BUT THEY’RE TRUE.

i dunno why its so happening but it IS.
i wish upon the stars,
that soon, life will bless me with one day of clean & green & wonderful eye candies ok.
Thank you.

i will try not to put up so much disgusting encounters.
but its not my fault if they keep happening.

p/s: wasnt the worse train ride ever had though. can imagine worse scenarios.

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