yea, i noe i gots short tongue. SHUTUP.

hello hunnybunch & sugarplums.

t’was fun.. we produced..
another 3 more videos today =D

which is like..
im not gonna post it here.
only available on our hp & computer.


cos if you watch it —
u’ll look at me like im almost as bad as
that mental dude on the post before this.

it was damn fun!

well. anyway.
planning to go out with

-school gfs.
-that someone on msn.

but umm..
havent found time..

will find time..

and and..
i wanna ask sara somewhere..
request her to accompany me..



tmr i must hand in dunno wat fuck to tt cheecher.
at 10am.


so farrrrrr ))):

if not kena warning letter.
wtfh,dmfkdsifjoisdf98t9 OK.

well anyway.
i had fun today
and im tired..

and and..
i wish tmr i wasnt outing. ):

&& i really2 wish sara is free like.. soon.
i NEED to request smtg frm her.

“they” havent replied my email!

hope its soon.

tmr is so troublesome.



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