y do weird & unfortunate things always happened to me.. -__-“
[and always after when i make fun of someone else. wtf, so suey ok my life.]

i forgot to tell u (it suddenly came to my mind, so i blog bou it.)

you know, i go to school via the train right..
so i board from clementi laa. obviously.

so i (unfortunately, dat day) decided to take the lasssssst cabin.
(usually im at t 1st cab)

i made myself comfortable by leaning on the glass panel.
(oh, y’know. that one.)

infront of me were 2 lian girls..
busy talking & giggling..

& then right after i leaned myself,
this weird guy (bout in 30s or late 20s.)
wearing specs..
in checked shirt..
& big harversack.

stood right infront of me (very close ok. can almost hear him breathing la wtf can)

& scanned me up & down.
OKAY. from tt moment on,
then he kept scratching his thighs *wishing i could demo to u*

& then moving twards me.. & then back to the 2 lians..
& then back to his pole. (oh, y’know.. that pole..)
& then back to scratching his thighs..
then moving to the doors opp where im standing & putting his hands spread out on the door (like as if he’s trapped wtf)

& then back to his pole (oh y’know, that pole.)

on the opp side of where im standing (the other side doors)
was this indian ite student… (from ite bedok. HA!! caught cha dude!!)
he oso looking at that mental guy lah..

skalie tis mental guy..
approached the 2 lians infront of me..
looked them closely (like hw i kena lah wth)
& then yelled loudly *HELLO!*

even while wearing my earpiece to the MAX of the sounds,
i could hear it ok….
at tt moment, it was funny lah.
HAHA. bcos its them that kena wat.
not me.. *shrugs*
so i snorted quietly & was like smiling to myself..

the girls luckily have strong hearts..
if not..
sure faint after that loud boom.
they stared at t mental guy & then stared at ea. oth,
& then giggled & continued talking merrily..

2 stops later,
the girls alighted.
so left me & a indian guy beside the mental guy.

i was really considering moving somewher deeper & farther from t mental guy.
oh shucks.

too late.

yet again..
i stared at the window outside..
bcos oh goodness me.
mental dude was looking at me.
moving closer..
*ack!! in my heart im screaming of terror*

i STUBBORNLY didnt look at him eventho he was right infront of my face.
then wishing he would just *poof* and disappear..
at me!!!! (why the fuck do i always have unwanted attention to me!!!!
y am i so badluck onneeee)

“HELLO!!” *holds out hands*

shitties. those girls atleast got fren.. i dun have fren!!! PAISEH SIAAAA!!! the whole cabin & perhaps the 2nd last cabin is peering to c who isit!!! accckkK!!!!

& wishing I was the one who could just *poof, gone* like tt.

everybody was staring at me..
i was staring at his hands..
they were FILTHY!!!!!!
(why must the heavens test me like this.)

i would rather die or crash thru the train doors to escape than shake those hands!

why me kena????? WHY GOD, WHY?
the indian guy so close to him beside!!!
eee. fucking gatal ok d mental guy.

prolly he jz wntd to make frens.. (yes. with gals, god noess…)
but go wash ur hands first!
& stop yelling!

so i just stared…
raised my lips to a painful smile & shook my head,
wishing i could just disappear than appear like a mean bitch infront of the public!!


so mental dude moved farther towards front of cabin..

then the ite bedok indian dude
whipped out his notebook..
& tho i wasnt lookin at him…
i noe by the corners of my eyes..
he was looking at me & then writing down (prolly describing me daaa wth!)
& then look at mental guy & scribbling furiously. as if scared all his ideas will be gone if he doesnt do it quick enuf.

& then quickly stuffed his notebook into his bag.


then suddenly i got sinus.

must be the germs held so close to my face.
damn microbes.

then while gg home time..
there was tis teen girl..
wearing white pants,
black flowery blouse,
long hair (untied)

while waiting 4 train..
i happened to look at her way..
& then u noe wat the fuck she did???




damn u twit.
may u have 4 bad hair days!!!

got grow pubic hair already still rolling eyes at ppl.

time to meet dilah nw.
making some stupid video.
see if its too crazy & make me lose my reputation enuf to post up or not.

tc ya’ll!

p/s: if u cant c my blog in IE, dnwload mozilla ok?? (bcos i will forever be blogging, i wont EVER stop it, scared u tink i stopped blogging cos i wont!) tt means ur IE outdated laaarr.. i dunno wat to do bout that. but trust me. mozilla is perfect!


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