well, today… girlfies & me… visited the…..


it was fun! & creepy — duhh.
but they went oso cos of my whinings..
*yay! i MUST get wat i want*

but they went off early cos GOD NOES THESE GERLS R SO SUPERSTITIOUS. )):

no fun at all.
anybody wanna bring me there?
theres that particular block we havent been to… )): all e wae up to 4 or 5 storeys..

we only went up to 2nd storey today.
jus cos Nila said she sensed smtg..
but i guess its all in ur head man.
if ur scared its always like tt.

bcos i sensed NOTHING..
only extreme curiosity (which isnt always good, of cos i noe tt)
& besides it was fucking morning ok???

well anyway.
the place, is pretty dark..
considering its OLD, its quite neat & not overgrown with plants.
*cept the staircase we went up towards tho, fuckin bushy & I HAD TO LEAD THE WAY cos they were all scared -__-“*

there were an extreme number of vandalism (which spoilt the whole effect ofcos)
but watever, some even put up their friendster URLs. wtf.
funny people!

i was expecting to climb over a electric fence or smtg.
but bloody hell great, it wasnt FENCED AT ALL. (lets go camping there. LOL! JK)

on some floors, we saw some markings of some kids myb who did black magic there or for fun…
some love messages like I LOVE MICHAEL SIEW or smtg lidat (as if their lovers r gonna go OCH jz for tt msg wtf. damn sickening noe thz ppl)
there were stories of nila sayin some black metal kiddies playin there wtf. i dunno wthr to trust these stories.

the floors have ALOT of scattered glasses & wood pieces.
but i tell u, i fucking loved it there!!
fucking interesting!!! KYAAAAHHH!!
im such a noob lah. -___-“

but watever it is.
i went there bcos I LOVE OLD PLACES.
yes i noe many kids have been there… & im like..
soooooooo outdated lar siak.
BUT! i would love to explore deeper..
anybody wanna bring me along??

bcos my gfs r hopeless cases ):
Sheena isn’t..
Zyzy too…

so.. im hoping somebody caring enuf to bring me there??? (((: LETS BE FRIENDS!! oh PLEASE!!!

i was really pissed when they all wanted to go home.
i was so upset..
i wanna go with ppl who have a curious, fun & not to say brave or daring.. but not too superstitious ppl to be w me.. anybody??? plsplspls ))):

there was a basement which we didnt go bcos it was dark
& the other levels at the block i took a pic of.. I SIMPLY FUCKING MUST GO THERE.

(in broad daylight)

level 2 the jamban (toilet cubicles)
dunno wats tis… but umm. some spraypainted “mortuary” HURRHURR. i dunnoe.. *shrugs* but i dunno wth its true or not.
the room behind me (almost completely doorless, jus hanging on its hinges) dunno wats it for.. but its small… reminded me of a room smtg like it on the ground/2nd level… small door (very short door, pink, ofcos) & inside was a narrow room with little ventilation… hmm… myb its a store room.. buden again… myb not LOL.
this is at Old Changi Hospital. (: btw, see that on the right block? dunno wats it for =/ lotsa unexplained rooms lah. but the wards were awesome. i need to see more. sombody?? anybody???

tis is friendster user “dum dum” LOLLLLLL… of all the names she could’ve chosen! but anw. she’s a long time fren from sec 1. (: Adilah. we used to be seprated in class because of giggling & laughing between ourselves so much. always got into trouble together. lepak-ed together. everything, last time. hmm. kinda inseperable lah. but watever. (: we’re still funny together! so i still love her.. she didnt change.. kept laughing & laughing like hell.. of all the stupid things (unmentionable, bcos they’re too crazy) we’ve done.. all the good times yo. (: like no back bone lidat ahh, same shorts!! when passing sum1, the person said: “baru alek hawaii ke?” HAHAHA.. we were angry but it WAS FUNNY. pretty shot eyy? i LOVEEEEE tis! ahem. c la. all the nice2 shots come from me.. LOOOLLLL RIGHHTTTT.. she & her “rock never dies” hand sign.. HAHAHA. the pretty place… (: we fought alot lastime. hmm. but i guess we’re of the same kind? i dunno. *shrugs*

p/s: efc paper was alrite today. & my HFC (hand foot care) paper, i gots 70! yippeeee… a pass for me!! (which is almost always hard to achieve)


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