so after i walked away from Nina, Nila & Ena wanting to go home..
bcos they’re goin eastpoint & i wasnt.

as i passed by cafe 1.

i heard some singing:
“kecik kecik.. aje…” (so small small..)
“cute cute.. aje…” (so cute cute..)
*wishing i could record my voice & demo to u*

i whipped around to c who it was directed to.
& to my horror.
it was THAT guy again.

i never blogger bou him b4 rites.
bcos i wasnt disturbed so much. (limit2, he onie disturbs within reach, so i was safe..)

but TODAY,
i MUST blog bout it.
cos i was traumatised & not just disturbed.
(yea. well. u arent me. u dunno hw it was)

lemme describe him to u:
-quite well built.
mat rep.
-fucking rowdy & annoying.
-dunno his name. neither do i wanna find out!! ack!

so i walked all the more quickly towards bustop.
heng arhh.. got ppl around..
was what i thought.

never knew i could ever be so wrong in my life

then that person sang again…
(i never felt even more cartoon in my life lah. the way i walked..
like ant scuttling away from danger ok)

so i sat in between some guy & another girl..
(& left a big space on both my sides wtf. i shd have moved right beside the girl)

so i felt somebody sitting beside me.. but his back facing the road
(we’re at a bustop, rembr?)
whereas me, as a normal person.. sat facing the road, naturally.

lemme tell u tis once & for all;
some things bout me especially.
i have a certain dislike for random mats especially.
im pretty anti social towards these random Hearty Mats (HMs) especially.
im only crazy & carefree with ppl whom i know.

& therefore from these 3 pts, u can conclude that i am naturally anti social.
or watever some ppl say: arrogant. (which i disagree. its called bein careful with strangers)

so yes. back on the set:
then tis Hearty Mat (HM) started singing another malay song.
(i dont listen to mlayu songs. so i dunno wat isit.)
then another guy sat on my right. wtf.
which turned out to be his Hearty Mat Friend (HMF)

after singing;

HM: “eh, pompan kau eh?”
HMF: “tak ah. aku tak knl pn.”
HM: *leans back so he can see past my hair to my face WTF* “hiii…”
asfa: “…………..” *keeps staring at distant bushes as if nvr hear*
(nw i come to tink of it. WTF, WHY DIDNT I WEAR MY EARPIECE!!!)
HM: “name sape…”
asfa: “………………” *keeps staring at the bushes hard enuf to start a forest fire*

-gal at the far right moves away to go to her bf at the staircase-
*asfa quickly moves to her seat*

HM: “eh eh. sombong nye…” (ok. tt was really extremely bollywood style on my part, BUT WTFFFFFF ok.!)

-out of nowhere-
Heart Mat’s Friend # 2 [HMF2] (a total 100% matrep smoking, wearing white T & fade blue skinny jeans) came infront of my view
[blocking my concentration on the bushes.]

HMF2: “beauty therapy wadpe ah…?”
asfa: *considers 4 a moment whth to answ or ignore, since it seemed pretty innocent a qn, i answered*
“make up.”
HMF2: “eh? make up camne tu?”
HM: “tnye die name die ape..”
asfa: “tsk. asal nk tau?”
HM: “nak buat kawan je…” *moves closer beside me* KIMAAAAAAKKK!!!

i felt so harassed ok!!! WHY WERENT THE OTHER KIDS AT THE BUSTOP HELPING ME???!!!! wtf.
I HATE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS PPL. )))): they wre just watchin on!

HMF2: “make up camne?” *takes a puff on his cigg*
asfa: “……. tsk. mcm… wedding tu sume uh..”
HMF2:” ohh… nk tau jgk knape name die ‘beauty therapy’ kan.. asl tk ‘ugly’ therapy ke”

cheebyee. -_-“
go shave ur buluz lah asshole.

(but really lah!! AM I UGLY?????? T_T)

HMF (the original friend first2) went infront of me & gave me what he prolly thot was a friendly smile. -_____-“

& so i was trapped.
HM on my left,
HMF & that HMF2 standing infr of me..
& another dude bhind me.

i was getting so scared siak..

then HMF2 said..
HMF2: ” mcm busy ngn hp…”
HM: “hp model ape uh..//umur brape..//name ape..//lek ah… //ckit2 je nk bilang matair..”

HMF2: “jgn lah sombong2.. kite sume kan sdare islam, mesti ketatkan silaturrahim”
(knnccb. MCM PAHAM.)

HMF2:”ni mcm anti social je..” (dah tau beh still disturbing WHY???!!)

then the HMF moved infr of HM, blocking HM while doin so & kena push away “tepi lah”


it was sooooooo hot a day…
i kena trapped like tt….

most girls would be flattered..
i, instead, was fucking trembling..

they said..
“asl eh diam… pasrah eh..?”
“TK LA. DA BYE. nk g canteen”
HM: “mane ader canteen” *smiling meanly amusedly*

(well yea, in my confused & scared state of mind.. i forgot we all call it cafe wtf. WAT A BIG DIFF SIAK. -_-“)
catch the sarcasm?

“ader lah” *walks away quickly up the stairs wanting to find nina, ena, nila*

from behind i heard them call
“kecik… sini uh! ape sey”

kecik?? -_____-“

ok. the reason im so scared:
-im not bitchy & like attention.
-i was trapped.
-they were kinda leering.
-they wre giants (fucking well built lah. not to a point of MY admiration bcos he mat rep)
-mainly cos i dun like THAT kind of attention. -___-“

anyway. otw up to school (again, after walking away from them)
i called nila (with trembling hands)

asfa (trembly voice): “nila! where u guys?”
nila: “we at the gate”
asfa: “g-g-gate? wat gate? which gate??”
nila: “the gate at bus # 2 there..”
asfa: “oh! k! wait for me!”
nila (concerned tinking smtg horrible hpnd to me): “why?? wat hpned??”
asfa: “later i tell u, bye!” *click*

nila all rushed back to school…
cos they thot im in trouble
(in which they dun c it tt way, bcos god noes they’re very experience with these kinda ting alrd.. im such a noob. but i prefer it tt way!!)

they wre takin bus..
but seeing my white expression & considering i was still tremblin,
they accompanied me till my bus came..
so sweet.


so thats my fairytale for today.
i was surrounded & really scared.
i dont like it. ):

so BYE! ^^

*dun tawk to strangers. tts wat mama always said*

p/s: outs wit Dum2 was fun ((: pix up soon yeah.


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